Gamers United is building a new team!

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Introductions are in order!

Hey there everyone, Gamers United just opened up a Starcraft 2 Group. We are brand new and full of Bronze - Silver level players, for the most part we are all just starting out in the game.

As a clan, GU has been around on Xbox for awhile. We currently support Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, and of course now, Starcraft 2. All of our groups are filled with wonderfully awesome people! And will help you out with whatever you may need, even if they are over on Xbox.

The clan has current Sponsorships with Gamers Edge Eyewear, and KontrolFreek.

The terrible sales pitch

So, here's the sales pitch for all you, would-be Master, Bronzeish level players. We're looking for people who are really wanting to learn to play SC competitively, and should be striving everyday to improve and learn new things.

If as a collective group of low-level players working to improve, between playing against each other and sharing new things with each other we can all progress at an exponential rate. Anything learned could be collectively shared with other team mates, but you know what they say, you're only as strong as your weakest link.

The beautiful thing is we all rely on each other to learn new things, if one person were to stop progressing, others could share what they know and help him get past that wall. It's a wonderful idea that I hope everyone will take advantage of!

All in all we are more like a platform for newer players to learn the game and improve alongside equally skilled players. Not to say that higher level players are not welcome, but we don't expect this program to draw a lot of attention from them anyway!

Checklist, check.

There are a couple things you should note:

1. Members should always display a positive attitude. This creates the proper environment for everyone to have fun while growing and learning to succeed.

2. While playing online you are the best advertisement Gamers United can have! Carry the banner of our program with pride at all times. Act like a professional.

3. Gamers United requires commitment and loyalty from all members. Members are not allowed to participate in any other clan.

4. We need you to stay active and check in with us every so often, and make sure to visit the forums!

5. We have quite a strict 18+ Age Restriction, but exceptions can be made.

And "The End"

If you're already interested go ahead and check out our site over at,

If you have any questions feel free to ask them, and I will get to answering them as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading all the way through!
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BlackMamba #596

Bronze Protoss

How do I join. I'm trying to find a team that's right for me and able to help me improve. =
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We would love to have you and help you improve!

Okay so here's what you want to do!

1. Go to

2. On the right side of your screen, under the log-in boxes, you will see Apply For Clan, hit that.

3. That will take you off to the forums, you'll see a pinned topic called Application Form, don't worry, the application only takes you a couple minutes to fill out.

4. Post! And someone will get to looking at it as soon as they can.

Reach me at Conchobar #181, or if you have any other further questions!
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Gamers United is great, I'm improving on my skills from playing with people within the clan! I've learned more strats as well as how to manage my Micro as well as Macro. Gamers United is great for people who are looking to improve there skills! Join today!
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bumpp. Great clan, great people. Good atmosphere.
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Would love to see more interest!
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i'd like to join you guys!
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