This guide explains the fields and settings involved in customizing gameplay variants. For a version of this guide with imbedded images, see

  • Genre
    The gameplay-type of the map you are making. This will affect under which genre your map is shown.
  • Variants
    The different forms of gameplay which can be selected for playing your map.
  • Use Default Variants (checkbox)
    Ignores any custom variants and uses a set of default gameplay variants.

Game Type
  • Category (options)
    Displays your selected Genre. This field cannot be modified.
  • Name (Field)
    Displays the name of your selected Genre. This field cannot be modified.
  • Description (field)
    Displays the description of your selected Genre. This field cannot be modified.
  • Mode (options)
    • Custom- Normal custom variant
    • Tutorial- A variant which is accessible via the Arcade's Tutorial button.
    • Single Player- Used for single player gameplay.
    • Additional options may be available depending on your selected Genre.
  • Name (field)
    The name of the Variant you are making. This is the name that shows up in your map's Arcade information page.
    Note: Modes other than Custom are defaulted
  • Description (field)
    Description of the variant your are currently making. This is displayed on as a tooltip for your map's Arcade variants.
    Note: Modes other than Custom are defaulted
  • Max Team Size (options)
    The maximum number of players allowed on a single lobby team.

Game Attributes
  • Game Speed
    This will set the default gameplay speed.
    Options are: Slower, Slow, Normal, Fast, Faster.
  • Lobby Delay
    Sets the start time for a match. For example, if set to 10 the lobby will countdown for 10 seconds before starting.
  • Locked Alliances
    Sets whether players can modify their alliances after the game has started.

Player Attributes
  • Teams (options)
    Sets the overall team settings. Available options depend on the number of players activated in the Player Properties settings.
  • Locked Teams
    Sets whether the game host is able to change the overall team setup. If disabled, the map’s default settings can be overridden by the game host.
  • Hidden Attributes
    Hides specific player settings from the game lobby. Attributes which can be hidden are Color, Difficulty, Handicap, and Race.
  • Player
    Allows you to modify settings for specific players.
  • (Player) Team
    Sets the player’s default team.
  • (Player) Locked On Team
    Prevents the player from switching teams once he/she has entered the game lobby.
  • (Player) Color
    This option will set the default color for each player.
  • (Player) Controller
    • Closed- This player slot is unavailable for use.
    • Open- This player slot is available for use.
    • Computer- This player is controlled by a computer AI.
  • (Player) Difficulty
    Sets the difficult level for the selected player. This setting can be detected through triggers or used to affect the skill of an AI-controlled player.
    Options are: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Insane.
  • (Player) Handicap
    Sets the player’s default handicap which reduces the life and shields of all of the player’s units.
    Options are: 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%
  • (Player) Race
    Sets the player’s default race.