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Campaign to long...???

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09/20/2012 07:36 AMPosted by Reptile
... So you are trying to say that Blizzard does not care about their fans?

No, i'm saying they never were about the fans, they may "Care" but the company isn't about them, nor is any company ever.

It's about money, and that's not some cynical bull either, a company exists for the purpose of making money.

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I want it to be longer than WoL to be honest. I like the lore, I like the unit upgrades, campaign is just fun. Making it shorter reduces my fun and increases my ladder rage, so meh.
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I wish WOL campaign would have been much longer. I'll be super disappointed if they shorten the campaign for HOTS.
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09/20/2012 07:36 AMPosted by Reptile


Putting company and the name of the company in the same sentence with "FOR THE FANS!!!" is the most delusional thing you could ever do.
... So you are trying to say that Blizzard does not care about their fans?

Its more complex then that. Blizz cares about the fans but when you're a multi-billion dollar corperation you tend to become out-of-touch with reality.

I think they care about the fans but have become complacent, that mixed with the need to profit have created a Blizzard that doesn't resemble the old Blizzard, for better or worse.
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08/20/2012 09:01 PMPosted by AlphaOmega
agreed, in fact I felt the campaign in Wings of Liberty was pretty short, the entire campiagn consisted only of special scenarios, no normal battle to let you test out all of your special units and ability

There were a lot of timed and otherwise unique missions, yes, but there were still a decent number of "build a base and kill the enemy" missions:

- The Outlaws
- The Devils Playground (same concept as that mine 10k minerals map from BW)
- Outbreak
- Welcome to the Jungle (provided you prevent the taldarim from capping altars, you can take your sweet time)
- Cutthroat (after you hire Mira, you can take your time)
- A Sinister Turn (same concept as the Torresque mission from BW)
- Echoes of the Future
- Media Blitz
- Maw of the Void
- The Gates of Hell
- Shatter the Sky

So, 11 different build-a-base-and-crush-the-enemy missions, which is more than any other type. (Also longer than the entire SC1 terran campaign.)

6 installation/hero missions:
- Liberation Day
- Ghost of a Chance
- Breakout
- Whispers of Doom
- Piercing the Shroud
- Belly of the Beast

5 holdout missions:
- Zero Hour
- The Evacuation (i.e. you have to hold the road, although this could also be considered an escort mission)
- The Dig
- In Utter Darkness
- All In

Which leaves 7 of those hectic timed missions, that unfortunately don't allow for exploring the map at your leisure:
- Smash and Grab (although I suppose you could kill the Zerg base to take the pressure off)
- The Great Train Robbery
- Haven's Fall (I cant remember what happens when you stop all the infestation attempts, possibly there's no need to hurry after that)
- Safe Haven
- The Moebius Factor
- Engine of Destruction
- Supernova
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I am working on getting the Sarah Kerrigan portrait from being the 1% who did it on Brutal but Safe Haven and the mission with Hybrid Maar are annoying as heck. Could Maar always teleport back to the Preservers or is this just something he does on brutal, because I didn't see that on hard with my DT army.

In any case, Blizz will probably (sadly) make the missions easier, yet (happily) make them more fun and interactive (and believeable).

Safe Haven: Two reactored Starports constantly pumping Vikings. Almost all the Protoss bases are powered by warp prisms, which your Vikings can shoot down. You'll also want a decent MMM army for killing ground units (and because marines help vikings kill air).

Sinister Turn: I never tried the DT thing, I just made chargelots, stalkers, and built a second robo to mass Immortals. Immortals dominate on that map.
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i've said this before, and i'll repeat myself in this thread:

the "1%" of people that beat brutal in the months after the game dropped isn't a relevant statistic in 2012. if only a fraction of players beat brutal by TODAY, that would be pretty meaningful.

also, something to bear in mind about any quoted statistics concerning completion rates: they include EVERYONE. every smurf account, every copy of the game bought by pro players that have not even clicked "campaign" yet, everyone who bought the game and got banned, everyone who bought the game and couldn't get it to work, and everyone who bought the game, played it for a day, and hasn't touched it since.

relevant statistic: people who have not completed brutal that have actually been trying (i.e. have beaten the campaign on an easier difficulty, have some brutal missions done, and log in at least once a month). good luck finding it, though.

i wish they'd just say "hey, it's an expansion and we're not giving you a full game since we're charging you $40 instead of $60", instead of insulting my intelligence with "people just can't be bothered to play through 27 missions - there's not enough time in the day".

this is why people mewl over nostalgia on forums and, after D3, it's beyond my understanding why activision isn't falling over itself trying to get more than the pro players excited.
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I wouldn't exactly call a campaign you can complete in a day long...
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08/23/2012 03:21 AMPosted by zigystardust

The game is pretty high quality, but you wouldn't know that until you've spent 2 years playing a few thousand online matches.
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Blizzard add more missions, campaigns are too short!!
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09/27/2012 10:57 AMPosted by SpartanSin
Blizzard add more missions, campaigns are too short!!
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