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[Guide] Creating a Levelable Hero

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Module: Data
Difficulty: Intermediate
Time Required: 10-20 minutes

So, you want to make a hero…. This tutorial will show you how to create a levelable hero with custom stats and levelable abilities. In this case, the hero is a War Pig (marine mercenary) which will be able to level up three times, allowing it to improve its Stimpack ability with each level. All knowledge used to create this tutorial was originally obtained from a set of video tutorials posted by OneTwoSC (found here:

Step 0: Some Preliminary Setup

    1. Create a new map with whatever terrain you like. Make sure to include the campaign dependencies, as we’ll be using the War Pig data which isn’t available in the Wings of Liberty melee dependency.

    2. From the Data Module, make sure that the “Show Advanced Values” option is enabled (under the View menu bar). To follow along more easily, you may also want to enable the Table View (also under the View menu bar).

Step 1: The Birth of a Hero

    1. From the Data Module, go to the Units tab. Find the War Pig unit by typing its name into the search bar. Right-click on the unit’s listing, then select “Duplicate unit”. From here, select the following:
    • Abilities: Marine - Stimpack
    • Actors: KelmorianMiner (Unnamed), StimpackEndImpact (Unnamed), KelmorianMinerAttack (Unnamed)
    • Effects: Kelmorian Miner – Gauss Rifle (Damage)
    • Weapons: Kelmorian Miner – Gauss Rifle

    2. Go through the duplicated data objects and tidy up their names as you see fit. The two whose names you’ll definitely want to modify are the new duplicated unit and the duplicated weapon.

    3. Let’s buff up your new hero’s stats. You can use your own judgement, but I personally changed the following items:
    • Life Armor: 1
    • Life Maximum: 150
    • Life Regeneration Delay: 2
    • Life Regeneration Rate: 5
    • Life Starting Amount: 150

    4. Don’t forget to enable your hero’s “Hero” flag (under the Flags field).

Step 2: Affecting and Effecting some Effects

    1. Go to the Effects tab and find the Marine’s “Stim Pack (Apply Buff)” effect. Duplicate it, along with the associated actor (unless you feel comfortable modifying the original actor’s events directly) and behavior. Rename it to something appropriate (e.g. War Pig - Stim Pack (Apply Buff) (Level 2)). Repeat to create a third level for Stim Pack.

    2. While we’re looking at effects, let’s modify the War Pig’s damage. If you select the bottom option under the “Data Source” dropbar next to the search bar (named either “Untitled” or whatever you named your map) and clear the search bar, it should pop up. Go ahead and bump up the damage (I doubled it to 16).

Step 3: Your Best Behaviors

    1. Switch over to the Behaviors tab. Modify the names of the War Pig’s Stim Pack behaviors to something suiting, and then go into each behavior’s Modifications settings. Bump up the attack speed and/or movement speed values to something befitting the extra levels (I used multipliers of 1.75 and 2 for each of the two levels respectively).

    2. Create a new Behavior (“Add Behavior” under the Behavior menu bar) and name it “War Pig Veterancy”. Set it to a “Veterancy” type. Click the “Veterancy Levels” field, and then add some additional veterancy levels to the white box at the top of the new window. For each level, set the Minimum Experience field to however much you want (I used 0, 30, and 60 respectively) and add some damage and/or health increases if you desire (for the second two levels, I added 2 unscaled ranged damage, 25 life, and 1 life regen).

Step 4: To the Best of Your Abilities

    1. From the Abilities tab, pull up the War Pig’s Stimpack ability. Go to the Effect field; this is where you set the effects that will be performed for each level of your ability. Add the two “Apply Buff” effects you made based off the original marine effect. Make sure you have them in the correct order; otherwise, your Level 2 Stimpack might be more powerful than your Level 3 Stimpack. If you’re feeling especially motivated and want to provide additional information about your Stimpack ability, you can update the tooltip for each subsequent level through adding values to the “Level Button – Tooltip” field.

    2. I’m assuming you know all about Actor events. If not, it’s time for you to learn. Find the original Marine Stimpack ability and open the “Stimpack Start Impact (Unnamed)” actor. Modify its actor events so that there’s an event for your custom War Pig Stimpack ability (use the existing event referencing the marine’s Stimpack ability as a guide). Repeat with the “Marine_Stimpack (Unnamed)” actor.

    3. Add a new Ability (“Add Ability” from the Ability menu bar); name it “Learn War Pig Abilities”. Open the “Info” field. Click the first index, set the Default Button to the usual Stimpack button, and then set the Ability to the War Pig’s Stimpack ability. After you’ve done that, change the ability’s Points Per Level field to “1”.

Step 5: Full Circle

    1. Head back to the Units tab. Add both your new War Pig Veterancy behavior and your Learn ability to your hero.

    2. Open the Command Card field. Click a spot on the card and add the “TestLearn (Unnamed)” button. Set it to the “Submenu” type, the 2nd Command Card, and the War Pig’s Learn ability.

    3. Switch to the 2nd Command Card. Add a Cancel button somewhere (type: Cancel Submenu) to allow the player to escape when needed.

    4. Place the Stimpack button on the 2nd Command Card. Set it to an Ability Command type, where that ability is the War Pig’s Learn ability. Naturally, the Ability Command will be for the War Pig’s Stimpack ability.

Step 6: Let the Rampage Begin

    1. Your hero should now be ready. Add a War Pig to your terrain. Sprinkle in some hostile units for him to kill (Zerglings and Hydralisks are always a good choice).

    2. If it doesn’t work, make sure you followed the steps correctly. You can also download a handy-dandy custom Hero map (located here: ) and check out the data info for reference.
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They need to make a sticky so we can have the links to all of these great guides in one place. Great step by step guide, any more would be much appreciated.
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08/18/2012 09:54 AMPosted by Wings
They need to make a sticky so we can have the links to all of these great guides in one place. Great step by step guide, any more would be much appreciated.

They've recently issued a "Call for Tutorials" in a sticky ( ).

If you like this tutorial, give it a "Like" in that thread. Blizzard will be reviewing the tutorials based on the number of likes each tutorial has.

Also, if anyone desires elaboration in any parts of this tutorial, or want to see an additional aspect of hero creation, let me know.
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Shift this tutorial to the appropriate forum as well, please.
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I went through the guide and it worked out mostly, I just can't get the stimpack button to appear in the submenu. When I click the learn abilities button in-game I go to the submenu but only the cancel button appears.

I opened up the map you provided and noticed that you had a button, "Learn Stimpack," which I think you forgot to mention.

In the data editor of your map, under units> the hero you made > command card > submenu 2 > Stimpack Button > Ability Command:

Here under ability command you have "Learn Stimpack" listed and from the dropbox there are no other options. However, in my map I have simply "Stimpack" and no other options.

Thanks for making this guide it was very helpful.


So I duplicated the stimpack button and renamed it Learn Stimpack then modified "learn hero abilities" under abilities > info > default button: by changing default button to my Learn Stimpack button. Then I changed the button in my hero's command card > submenu 2 to Learn Stimpack as well.

This made "Learn Stimpack" appear under the Ability Command field but it didnt fix my problem. I realized that I had requirements listed above the default button field and after removing those it appeared.
Edited by Futzbuckle on 12/19/2012 7:55 PM PST
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12/19/2012 07:28 PMPosted by Futzbuckle
I opened up the map you provided and noticed that you had a button, "Learn Stimpack," which I think you forgot to mention.

I probably should have mentioned: my test map has a bit more polish than the instructions. In the walkthrough, I specified that the already existing "Stimpack" button should be used instead of a separate "Learn Stimpack" button which I went ahead and created in my example map.

12/19/2012 07:28 PMPosted by Futzbuckle
I realized that I had requirements listed above the default button field and after removing those it appeared.

Glad to see you got it working.
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how do i enable them?
08/17/2012 09:08 PMPosted by Khalanil
campaign dependencies
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02/20/2013 06:38 AMPosted by SpongeBob
how do i enable them?
campaign dependencies

Sorry for the highly delayed response. For anyone who is unsure of how to add, change, or modify dependencies, do the following:
1. Access the "dependencies" options through the "File" menu.
2. Once in the "Document Dependencies" window, click the "Add Standard" button.
3. Select any dependencies you'd like to add. In this situation, make sure that the "Liberty (campaign)" checkbox is selected.
4. Hit "OK" and you are good to go!
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I've already worked on one map creating six heroes: a marine, ghost, reaper, firebat, marauder, and a medic with a pistol (see if you can find that model on sc2mapster because I think that's how I found it, if not then Hive Workshop).
Edited by Sean on 8/19/2013 7:51 PM PDT
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