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research, armory and merc tech choices

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I plan on playing the campaign on some higher difficulty levels like hard and brutal and I would like to know what the best toss/ zerg research choices, amory choices, and merc choices are and why they would be useful
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I have no idea about the Terg upgrades but I will answer the best I can.

Marine upgrades. Stim and shields. Why? Cuz you will always use marines.

Medics. I only needed to use the stabilizer meds. The reason I never needed to get the medical facilities is because once I get the reactor tech, it wastes that 40 k of credits.

Firebats. I never used them after the evacuation and outbreak. So neigh on the upgrades.

Marauders are alright but I never used them. You can get the concussive shell cuz it will stack with the psi distrupter and slow zerg down to 25%

Reapers. Never used them after outbreak. So nothing on them

Vehicle upgrades

Tanks. Both of them Does over 100+ damage and reduces splash of your troops by 75%? Yes, please.

Diamond backs. Obsolete after the Great Train Robbery.

Hellions. Not even in the mission they get unlocked are they useful. Waste of money.

Goliaths. Very useful in your bioball. Super long AA range, attacks both ground and air at the same time. Decent but expensive. Not needed but very helpful.

Vultures. Not useful at all. I tried to use them in missions with the spider mines but even with the reloading ability, it's not all that useful. Scrap it.

Air ships.

Wraiths. Too expensive to be useful. Unless you have a lot of gas, it's hard to get them up and going. Plus a bit fragile.

Banshees. Best ATG damage. With the splash upgrade, it clears out hydras and marines like no other. The cloak ability is alright but not needed. Just go with the extra splash.

Vikings. Your best Anti Air unit. With the range and splash upgrades, you will terrorize the skies. Plus with just a reactor, you can pump out two at a time without the tech reactor. Get both.

Battle cruisers. Except for Maw of the Void, I never used them. They are okay in All In but only the ones you start out. Just too expensive and takes a while to kill armored units. Don't bother with the upgrades. They do not have the energy to use them well enough.


Ghosts. With the sight upgrade, you can place them in bunkers and take out brood lords. Unless you plan on using them a lot, there is not really a need for the infinite cloak. It's more fun than it is useful.

Specters. Psilash is like Yamato cannon. High damage and works against all units and buildings. If you get enough of them, can take out the Leviathan easily. Again, the cloak is more fun than it is useful.

Thor. Splash damage with the 250 mm cannons. It does all alright in a pinch but has a long wait for it to be used again. As for the immortality protocol, most of the time, the thor dies before it can be useful. I never used thors so upgrades not needed.

Now onward to the tech upgrades.
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A. Tech upgrade for Zerg

I. 5 points. Shrike Turret or Bunker reinforcement

Shrike turret pretty much adds another marine. Empty bunkers have an attack so they can help out with defense. A four bunker marine has the attack power of five Marines. With a 6 marine bunker, it has the power of 7 marines.

For the shrike turret, to have 4 marines with the extra turret makes it have 25% more damage. With a 6 marines bunker, it drops down to 16.66% more damage.

Bunker reinforcement adds 150 more HP to the bunker, making it have a total of 550. That is 37.5% more health and resistance.

Verdict in my opinion. I always went with the health one. The turret seems nice but it's just an extra marine. If it had a little more OOMPH to it, I would have gone with the turret.

Winner: Bunker Health

II. 10 zerg research points.

Planetary Fortress or Flame turret.

~sighs~ this one has a lot of people fighting over this. I always went with the flame turrets.
Reason being, I like orbital command and I can have siege tanks. To make a planetary fortress would have to sacrifice an orbital command. I can place a flame turret around bases plus they are very effective against swarms of weak units. I always loved the turrets but I can see why people would want the fortress.

Winner: Close but turrets are better for me

III. 15 zerg research.

Hercules transport ship or Predator

A drop ship that can hold 32 slots with instant drop vs a unit that can attack in a 360 degree range.

I can drop 8 tanks in a row wherever I want. 25 marines with 7 medics. Wherever. The predator has to have a close proxy to the unit or groups of units. They are pretty fragile and need an SVC or science vessel to assist out with the healing and repair. Firebats are a better choice due to higher armor and cheaper along with medics. Too much of an overlap.

Winner. Hercules drop ship

IV. 20 Zerg points.

Regenerating bio steel vs Power Cell Reactor (Or something. Names don't matter)

Any and all mech units (Tanks, goliaths, all starships) Have a slow healing factor to them. About as much as the zerg do. Don't need to rely on SCV's as much which means more minerals/gas in your pool.

Power Reactor adds not only an extra 100 energy for specialized units to start out with, but have an extra 100 total. Over long games, all units with energy have an extra 100 energy. Battle cruisers can shoot out two yamato cannons, specters can use two psi lashes, medics have a lot more healing. etc.

This one is another toss up. Both are good. However, with the power cell, it has a nice synergy with a protoss tech unit, the science vessel. We will get to that later. The biosteel just seems to be a long and slow process with the healing. The powercell seems to help more with supporting troops. More cloak, more healing, more damaging spells in a row.

Winner. Power Cell Reactor

V. 25 zerg points

Hive mind emulator or Psi disruptor.

This one is tough to choose from. Either perm control of a zerg unit, not going against supply or slowing down both zerg movement and attack speed by half.

It depends on what you are doing for All In. Air or ground?

Go with Hive Mind Emulator if you are going All in Air. You can get 4 brood lords to stop Kerrigan dead in her tracks, ultralisks to stop lings and roaches. It's good if you are able to macro.

The Psi disruptor is good against All in Nydus worms. It slows down lings and ultras before they reach your tanks. Easy kills and they get slaughtered easily.

Winner. Depends on the All In circumstances. Against air, Hive Mind Emulator. Against the worms, psi disruptor.
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VI. 5 Protoss Research Points.

Attack speed upgrade or health upgrade.

Pretty much, with each weapon damage upgrade, you increase the attack speed by 5%, having a total of 15% damage speed boost.

With health, same thing. If a unit has an armor upgrade, it's health is boosted by 5%, then 10% then 15.

So pretty much, if a unit has a 1 second attack, it will be lowered to a .85 second attack with full upgrades.

If a unit has 100 hp. It's increased to 115 hp.

I usually increase weapon damage before I increase armor. In fact, I go through most missions with only weapon upgrades. Health just doesn't seem like that much. It's better to kill units faster than to increase the amount of damage you can take.

Winner. Damage speed upgrade.

VII. 10 Protoss points

Orbital Supply drop vs Micro filtering

Instant drop of supply commands or faster gas? This all depends on the upgrades you have, units you favor and such.

If you are supply blocked a lot, one SVC can make 10 supply depots in a matter of seconds. With SCV construction upgrade, you can get up to 8 workers to build a structure. If it takes 40 seconds to build a structure with one scv, it will take 5 seconds for 8 of them to build that same structure. doing it this way sorta replaces the orbital supply drop.

If you're tech heavy, it's better to have 25% more gas per trip. Instead of 4, you get 5. It works well with auto refineries as well.

Winner: If you are tech heavy users, go with micro filtering. If you are supply blocked a lot, go with Orbital drops.

VIII. 15 Protoss points.
Auto Refinery or SCV Reactor.

You can have a refinery pump out gas without an SCV, no matter how far away or you can have your command center pump out two SCV's at once...Yeeeah. Sorry to say. No brainer. You can free up three workers per gas geyser. There are maps with three gas geysers near your base. That is 9 workers that are freed up which means not only 450 less minerals but also, one less supply depot. Plus I can find an empty geyser and plop down a refinery and leave it. Free gas right there. No command center or scv's to carry gas.

Winner: Auto Refinery.

IX. 20 Protoss Points
Raven or Science vessel. Both are detectors.

The raven has the abilities of throwing down an auto turret which does a little more damage than a marine, a point defense drone which can block most enemy fire. Finally, the heat Seeker. Does amazing splash damage, follows a unit for 15 seconds (Is lost if the unit runs away faster than the missile)

The Science vessel like a medic for all your mech units. Instead of scv's repairing your tanks, air ships and themselves, which costs minerals and gas, you now have a science vessel to repair everything from a distance. Put these on patrol near your base to keep your tanks healed or have them following your air units around for easy healing. They can go where SCV's can't. But on brutal mode, SCV's are targeted first if they are repairing a unit and they have to be touching the unit to repair. The science vessel is out of range for most targets to notice.

Winner. Science vessel.

X. 25 Protoss Points

Orbital Barracks drop or Tech reactor.

Orbital barracks means you can drop any units made in a barracks to drop wherever on the map. I heard that you can't even need to see the point of where they are gonna land.

The tech reactor means you can build any and all units at a barracks, factory or starport two at a time. Two Battle cruisers being built at once with one starport. Two tanks at the same time at one factory. If the orbital drop included factory units and air units, this would have been a more interesting choice. Building two of all units far out beats letting you drop infantry wherever you want.

Winner. Tech Reactor.

Extra information. The synergy of research.

To have both the Micro filtering + auto refinery = amazing gas production

Power Cell + Science vessel = High healing that is better than bio steel for mech units.

Bio Steel + Science vessel + Health increase per armor upgrade = Hard to kill mechs.

I am sure there is more upgrades that help each other out. Have fun discovering which ones sync up well.
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wow that was long
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