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Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 10)

About 10 minutes ago?
I read it. It ain't too great, ain't too bad either. Just not worth reading a second time though. And CR read it cause we're talking about it in DA.
- Technical Support
Whats the main characters Name?

Besides, the story hardly begun.
Edited by Duke on 8/27/2012 1:53 PM PDT
You really didn't announce a main character too my opinion.
- Technical Support
But I did, second part.
Whats wrong? Can't you see it?
Edited by Duke on 8/27/2012 1:55 PM PDT
I'm sorry, but some names don't stick with me, I can't even remember the other child's name.
I'm going to assume it's Morris. But, If the intro doesn't catch my eye, I won't read it. Sorry.
- Technical Support
The other people who were actually named are dead.
So there's only 1 character.

I only said his name about 8 times in that part. You should remember it.
Whats wrong, having a problem finding it?

So you did not read the second part.
I'll re-post it soon, i'll inform you when I do.
Edited by Duke on 8/27/2012 1:58 PM PDT
I am talking with SF and Zarkun right now, and I can't even remember one of my characters own child's name. And it was thrown in my face a lot recently.
I'll bet there's a good chance it didn't stick out. I know I had to reread for it cause it didn't seem that great to me.
- Technical Support
Huh, well the next few parts may catch you eye. I'm re posting the second part.
08/27/2012 01:58 PMPosted by Zarkun
I'll bet there's a good chance it didn't stick out. I know I had to reread for it cause it didn't seem that great to me.
Now Mockingjay on the other hand, really good read there.
Just waiting on Nikola in FGHH
- Technical Support
*Sips tea*
For Glory, Honor, and Home. Mecha, we apologize for letting your RP die. We just needed too much DM input to last.
Its okay bro ill either make Project Ressurection version 2 or ill make the animal one Draconus has been wanting me to do.

Which one would you like better????
Edited by MechaGhidrah on 8/27/2012 2:25 PM PDT
- Technical Support
*passes out and sleeps on bar*
*Drop kicks Duke out*

"No sleeping on the bar counter. This isn't a hotel."
- Technical Support
08/25/2012 12:10 AMPosted by Zanon
As long as you pay your tab, and don’t break anything, I really don’t care what you do. And the best part is: no hangovers!

What about the contract? YOUR contract.

I really don’t care what you do

You can see the clause clearly states.

don’t care what you do

*I drop a dollar on the floor and go back to my dreams. I then raise my head*
Get me a drink.
Edited by Duke on 8/27/2012 2:55 PM PDT
He's also the bar owner and may do as he wishes.
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