Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 10)

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I responded to you in the other Thread Fantasy! O.O
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Example <Marine, Zergling, High Templar> (75 life, 50 shields, 200 energy)
Armament- Gauss Rifle (6 damage, 5 range), Claws (5 damage, melee)
Abilities-Psi Storm, Feedback, Stimpack
"This is an example of academy format if you do decide to join."
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No, my threads get ignored. Memories averages two Non author views per post, And Knights is pretty slow, if not dead.
It's as if my threads die without even being loved.
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Hrrrrm. I'll look at it.

I'm bored as !@#$~Just got done with some lore notes~and have no homework at all.

Well (Actually, i got 2 math problems that will probably take me five minutes....EQUVALENT TO NO HOMEWORK ANYWAY! XD) can probably expect me to join though, indefinately...for a time, :)
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Two abilities to start.
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Like..just a custom ability? Or like...EXAMPLES PEOPLE! XD
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Custom ability or ones from the game, up to you. Draconus will adjust the stats if need be.
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Custom is fine, in-game preferred.
Also, look at the first post of every thread for an idea of how it should look.
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...I'll probably get this done in like, 10 minutes...xD

Should I post it on that other thread then? XD When I get that far though, i suppose, lawl
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Should we classify our roles in the academy? I think I am the comedian in this little story. Although other people do, do crazy hilarious things. I think Abel had done it far more consistently.
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If my Hybrid faction ever show up in any RP, I will win hands down against anyone.
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"Except Abel in f*cking god of all creation and Zaros, the demon who annihilates when pissed to no end.
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Don't forget Poltergeist Mercenaries, who know all and have tech that puts everyone to shame!
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Dude SF, you are forgetting that Cynthia and Korzis has it to and they are both powerful Psionics, Cynthia is very energetic and is a quick learner.
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"And Korzis is the master of swordsmanship."
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Well lorewise, no one can really solo a Hybrid but I'll bite.

Abel <Ghost, Medic> (70 HP, 200 energy)
Armament- Lance {2 range, 15 damage}, Magnum {5 range, 6 damage}
--Reflex, Heal, Blink, Psionic Reinforcement, Mind Control, Soul Release, Caster Love

Zaros <Ghost(?)> (65 life, 200 energy)
Armament- Katana (20 damage, melee), Torrent SR-8 Shotgun (4x5 Damage, 4 range)
Abilities- Psi Bolt, Psionic Slash, Ultrasonic Pulse
>>Siege Tank>>Wraith

So look at the last post of the Faction thread. It ain't happening son.
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Wow its been a while since Ive been here. I remember when I was a major player in the bar...
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"When Zaros is demon mode he can make Shadow run in fear. He can tear apart a Hybrid with a small thought. He is the f*cking demon who can make a Mothership blow apart."
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09/07/2012 07:01 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"When Zaros is demon mode he can make Shadow run in fear. He can tear apart a Hybrid with a small thought. He is the f*cking demon who can make a Mothership blow apart."
So everything I said about Cynthia, she can kill Abel without a sweat? Sweet.
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Aaaand super-regenerative Shadow could survive it, just yelling ow and kicking Zaros. Ineffectively, but hey.
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