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Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 10)

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Basically, where at least three of the forms would be a necessary switch to.complete the puzzle. eg, a balance scale would probably only require Young Female form.
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Of course when I am able to get on it seems like there is no one here.
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Guess its a slow day then huh.
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Gonna get slower while I'm gone. Going to a church picnic.
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Eh it will probably pick up before I head to work. That is around 1730.

Church picnic, sounds like fun. Was family sunday at the church I attend. Had a meal after service and they also have a bake sale going to raise money for a trip to Hati. One of the families is going I think.
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*begins strumming the tune to Bad Habit*
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I have returned. Drac, can you check my math on my new math craft stuff for DH? Here's the link:

Post #96
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I'm back. I abruptly left for a campout and forgot to tell anyone.
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I have lost access to the forums from home, again. But, I will be on often during the day.
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Who is excited for HOTS?
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"I am. Mostly. Except for the fact that the Protoss get a horrible replacement for the Carrier. I am mad at Blizzard for that one reason."
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Meh is all I am going to say, wont have the money so I can't really give you a good reason. I'm just like that.
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Yea, Protoss feels gimped in every way. I've check Protoss streams on HOTS and let me tell you the unit compositions look almost exactly like WOL because SG units are so craptastic.
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09/10/2012 04:59 PMPosted by smylez
Yea, Protoss feels gimped in every way. I've check Protoss streams on HOTS and let me tell you the unit compositions look almost exactly like WOL because SG units are so craptastic.
I can't believe that Blizzard said that the Tempest does everything that the Carrier does but better. What a lie, they don't even have the same role. Smylez, maybe it's time for another one of your creative threads maybe? Maybe have a one on one interview with the HoTS units?
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"The only relation between the two is that they out range all units that attack air I believe."
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Eh, I suppose I can do something with the warhound with interviews and do something similar to "The Stand" with the unit. Will have to be done over the weekends though.

Now that I think about, I think that's the best unit to go for. Yea...
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Well, sorry for the double post but I wanted to get Jester's attention. Do you have any feedback for my 90% completed Hybrid faction?
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Hey Knarled you finised on that drink based off me???
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How about a thread that compiles all of the created abilities and organizes them by RP? It can be used for quick reference and its easier to see what people came up with.
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Knights is pretty much dead unless we get more Shadowguards. All of ours are AFK. Knowing Knarled and Sixel, I should have waited a bit more before starting.
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