Utter Darkness (BRUTAL)

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I have completed all the Brutal campaign missions except for Utter Darkness. Yet i can not seem to get the right unit comp to beat this missions. Any tips, or walkthrough will be appriciated.
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Ah...The good ol' In Utter Darkness.

With In Utter Darkness, you will want 10 colossi. The reason being is that it's not the hybrids that will get to you as much, it's the mass of the lings and hydras that overwhelm you.

First rule is the army control. You need 2 of them. Make 1 your entire army and 2 all your air units. This is very important. Anytime you make phoenixes, void rays or carriers, add them to both the control group 1 and 2 but when you make ground troops, just add them to 1.

Make sure you start researching upgrades. Always go with Weapons and shields first. Do not worry about armor until after you get those upgrades up to level 3.

When you start out, make 10 extra probes (5 from each nexus) to start mining

Make 2 robotics facilities and a robo bay to pump out colossi and 2 more stargates. When you get to about 10, Just start making immortals and phoenixes.

Zealots are handy cuz they charge into the front lines and distract and hold back forces while your ranged units attack from a distance. It works out pretty good.

When the hybrids start coming, make sure to use the phoenix's gravitron ability to disable them. When you have your air troops hotkeyed, just press 2, G then click the hybrids.

Void rays will come out soon and add them to the control groups. Try to have about 10 phoenix and 10 void rays. Remember to always replace the important units you lose. If you are running low on colossi, make more. Keep holding back the main forces till you get carriers. Click all the carriers and right click the Intercepter icon. It will auto build them for you from now on. Just hold out till the archives are sealed then move up to the higher ground.

Take a probe and start blocking off the ramps with cannons. Make sure you have a huge ground force. Immortals and colossi should be your main objective. You only need about 10 phoenix still and the same amount of void rays. Do not make carriers. They are really inefficient, expensive and take up a lot of supply. Always micro with the air force against the hybrids.

Just keep at it till the final protoss falls and you should have gotten the level beat on hard with the Blaze of Glory.
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Just something to think about: the two above are great advice, look to them for army comp/ build order. i only want to share what i did for the achievements. NOTE: I did this shortly after Sc2 came out, if Blizz has changed something, i do not know about it.

The beginning waves do not have any overseers, so what i did was immediately build a bunch of Dark Templars and send them to the three ramps. Line them up and hit "Hold Position". The Zerg will be unable to walk through your invisible wall, and the zerg will not be able to attack the DT's, so they will just sit around and drool until you snipe/slash them up. Then, when they start sending 1-2 overseers at a time, send in your Phoenix or stalkers to kill the overseers and then run away. When i did this, i racked up a lot of kills early on with zero units lost. By the time they sent enough Detection to break the wall, i had a fully teched, pop cap army and lots of spare resources to fight with.

Second half of the game, after the archives were done, i cannoned the crap out of the two ramps to high ground with all those minerals i was sitting on, and retreated. Once again, I set up all my ground units in a circle around my mothership, barely inside the invisible radius, and hit hold position. I then spammed phoenix to chase around the overseers. The enemy could not get close enough to kill my mothership, and they could not see the wall they were running into. Even though i lost most of my air units, and my wall took a lot of hard hits, i had the "Blaze of Glory" achievement before my mothership finally went down, and past that point i did not care.

This worked for me, something might have changed, and if so, tell me and i will delete this.
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No the DT wall still works, I'm pretty sure. I did it only a couple weeks ago.

While it is very effective, still remember to save between waves, you might miss an overseer and get owned
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No the DT wall still works, I'm pretty sure. I did it only a couple weeks ago.

While it is very effective, still remember to save between waves, you might miss an overseer and get owned


Make DT walls and then make a few colossi and a ton of phoenixes. Then build a ton of cannons all over the place to help with the nydus worms.

When overseers start popping up, kamikaze them with the phoenixes and save it. Rinse and repeat.
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and the phoenix picking up the protoss hybrids when they appear as well as sniping off broodlords. but mainly the colossus, they will easily carry you through the kills needed if you're vigilant with your phoenix and upgrades
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aight very nice walkthrough ill see if i can do it
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Or just dump photon cannon all over place an pray that Pylo the Pylon will guide you to victory.
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how I did it

-Make ~10 probes, make a forge and cy core, get upgrades started immediately, keep adding upgrades as game goes on

-Get 4-5 collosi, after that, don't make any more collosi unless 1 of them dies. you always want 4-5 collosi
-After your robos are done with the 4-5 collosi, constantly make immortals from your robotics
-With your gateways, make zealots to mineral dump. DON'T MAKE ANY STALKERS You may need some high templar or archons to fend off mutas before you get the phoenix reinforcements and again before you get the carrier reinforcements, but try to limit the gas you spend on them.
-Once you get the ability to make void rays, constantly produce them.

-Once you defend the archives successfully, retreat up your main ramps and dont make any more zealots. Just mineral dump into cannons at your ramp.
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hold off the waves with minimal units and try to build up a fleet of carriers, save all the hero units. You're entire base will die but your deathball will survive long enough to get the achievements.

good luck
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I recently beat this mission at 3348 kills before I was finally overwhelmed. (too many pylons were taken out and i couldn't rebuild them to try and keep replenishing units at about 3000 kills)

I did not take the expansion with the Rich Minerals.

I followed the above post to build an additional Forge and Cybernetics Core and researched the Weapons and Shields upgrade immediately. Following up into another Robotics Facility and Robotics Bay. Immediately started pumping Colossi. After I had 14 Colossi. I pumped a few more pheonixs and bound them to their own control group 1, then my entire army to Control Group 2. I held my number of Colossi at 14, when one went down I immediately queued up another. With 14 Colossi, I queued nothing but immortals, and when I had no vespene but a ton of reserve minerals. I shift queued up cannons around the archive and zealots just to keep their ground forces busy. (I was researching upgrades every time one was done also, focusing on weapons and shields for both air and ground). When you gain access to void rays, build those and only replenish your pheonix's. You should have about 11-12 at all times. I quickly hit a 200/200 supply before the archive bonus countdown was done. Make SURE you are using gravitational beam on the hybrids. The destroyers are the problem. They will drop your Colossi in 4-5 hits and they attack quickly.

14 Colossi at all times, if you have 14, immortals, they soak damage like cake and will save your colossi.
12 Pheonix's Abuse Lift Off on Hybrids. My priority was the melee hybrids (destroyers).
Void Rays Void Rays Void Rays. Pheonix's will take awhile to take down a hybrid that is lifted.
Once you get the hero and her carriers. It becomes a walk in the park as long as you micro your army well and conserve units.
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don't listen to any of these guys.

what you need to do is start out with building three forges, another cyber core, make sure u have 4 gateways, 2 robo bays, and 2 star ports.

make sure that all of your production facilities and armies are binded on keys. i have melee units on 1. range units on 2. air units on 3. nexus to build drones on 4. robo bays on five. star ports on six. forge on seven. cyber core on 8.

make sure at the beginning you build a dark shrine.

what you are gonna do is have a main army that can go around and defend each ramp as waves come through. you want to build cannons at each ramp as well as dark templar/zealot. this is important so that waves dont come through and wipe out your pylons and eventually run into your main base.

so, you have the choke holds of melee units/cannons at each base.

you have a bamf double base economy.

make sure you start upgrades from the very beginning. they are very necessary.

you want to build up around 10 colossi. you want to support them with the infantry you have/ the phoenix you start out with. i beat this mission without building any additional gateway support units for the main army.

once the void rays come out, you want to build void rays at your starport. make sure you never lose your ten colossi. like i said, just go around defending wave after wave.
the phoenix are important because u have to use them to lift the hybrids. do not let the hybrids kill your colossi. never let your colossi get surrounded or die.

you want to have a big supply army around 150-170 if you want to beat this mission. if you lose this supply before the archives go down, you will lose.

REMEMBER!!! keep upgrading! you need full upgrades if you want to do any damage- all the zerg units get super buffed and you dont do any damage against them without the upgrades.

eventually all of yuor ramps supply will fail. this is around the 3 - 4 minute mark. defend the archives, with your colossi behind the archives.

once the carriers come in, start building carriers. you have to transition from ground army to air army in order to win.

once the archive timer ends, you want to have 10-12 colossi, a few immortal, and a big !@# air army of phoenix/void ray/carriers. i should note that around the time the ramps started failing i started putting cannons on the main 2 ramps in my base.

so once the timer ends, you want to bring your 10 colossi, which might be 6-7 by now, and you want to put them in between your nexus and your gateways.

you might build additional buildings. the point is you have to have a surround between your colossi and the zerg army.

once the archives close, what you have to do is leave your ground army all blocked up so nothing can get to it, then you want to send your void rays out to kill the worms that keep sending the broodlings in. basically you just sit in your base and let the splash units do the work. you do this until the mothership comes. just hover over your base, and graviton beam all of the melee hybrids that come through.


10 colossi
3 ramps blocked with cannons/zealot/dt
transition to air units as they become available
retreat to archive around 4 minute timer
retreat to block colossi army up when timer hits 0.

you decide around this time when to send out void rays to kill worms. the sooner the better. i actually killed 3 - 4 then killed the massive wave, then killed the last.

camp out with mothership in blocked section of your base
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02/04/2013 10:33 PMPosted by tomato
REMEMBER!!! keep upgrading! you need full upgrades if you want to do any damage- all the zerg units get super buffed and you dont do any damage against them without the upgrades.

Lol i dont think i've ever finished that mission with full upgrades.
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Pfft, I'm reading all your replies and I feel some are so complicated, I found a video on youtube... all the guy did was build Colossi, that is it. He mass produced them until he got 200/200, after that he build cannons. He used the air units/heroes given to him to deal with Broodlords.

Took him to 2900ish. With that strategy I got to 2600 easy. After 2600 the waves never stopped so I decided not to care.

But all in all.. all he produced were Colossi, and 5 probes from each Nexus at the start. That is it.
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i just did it today got up to 3800ish kills. you can beat it by building 3 units. as soon as the mission starts throw down a robo (so you have 3 total), a support bay and another forge so you can double upgrade. immediatly start +1 attack and armour (i get 3 -3 then i do shields if i can afford it). also start air weapons upgrades immediatly. get all 3 weapons first then do air armor.

build about 7-8 probes from each nexus, you start with a decent amount but are not saturated. once your saturated just build collosi. 3 at a time and you will easily hold for a very long time. you will be floating minerals so cannon the hell out of the high grounds on the flanks then cannon up all 3 entrances, i prefer the flanks first then the front.

when the hybrids start attacking use the gravitron beam to lift some and focus them down with air while your collosi melt the ground units. once Mohandar shows up with void rays start building those 2 at a time. prioritize these over collosi although you should be able to afford 2 void rays and 1-3 collosi at once. you will still be floating minerals so throw down tons of cannons all over the place.

once the preservers are done cannon the hell out of the low ground and retreat to the high ground. you should be maxxed out at this point on collosi voids and all your upgrades. this will easily get you 2500 kills. if you want to keep going after that you can start doing some micro once the mother ship pops and focus down the overseers as they will not have much detection. i probably could have lasted longer but stopped caring.


hotkey your ground army to 1, air units to 2, just make sure to intercept broodlords with the air as they will attack your cannons and you can lose a bunch if you dont notice
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As soon as the mission starts, queue up five probes in each nexus. Then build two more forges, and one more cyber core. Immediately start researching all available upgrades. Throw down 10 more gateways. Queue up five more probes from each nexus. Always have units building from the two stargates, the two robotics facilities, and your twelve warpgates.

Build extra pylons beyond 200 psi, in advance, because they will eventually destroy the ones out in front. Build a !@#$load of cannons. Always have your army clumped, and watch your map. Whenever you see an incursion, move your entire army there. Force fields, psistorms, and when Artanis gets there, vortex. When I did this on Brutal, I actually had to break up my army and run bits at a time into the enemy, otherwise it would have taken me forever to die. I can get all the achievements for that mission on Brutal mode without breaking a sweat.

If there wasn't a certain point where their army like quintuples in size, I could probably hold indefinitely on Brutal mode. For the record, I didn't need to do any micro really, and graviton lifting on the hybrids is just plain overkill. I didn't even bother hotkeying my army. I did have my buildings hotkeyed though. You don't really need a specific unit comp. Lots of collosi, stalkers, voids, and zealots will do the job. I never actually lost my original phoenixes, voids, or carriers. Until I threw them at the massive army one-by-one.
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use phoenix and void ray instead of carrier. Carriers a not well-suited in this mission. Remember to up grade.
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has anyone pulled off any ridiculous archonamageddon toilets after you get the mothership?

i've never tried, but i think it would be hilarious
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has anyone pulled off any ridiculous archonamageddon toilets after you get the mothership?

i've never tried, but i think it would be hilarious

never tried it wish i wouldve maybe ill replay it just for this, you can probably pull off some absurd ones.
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