Most Useful Campaign Unit

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Tell me YOUR favorite campaign unit(s).

I'm going to go against what ANYONE says and say it's Hercules, Goliath, Mercs, and Firebat.


Hercules: Transport stuff, if it goes down, stuff doesn't die, and most of all, it can hold up to FOUR Thors

Goliath: Super Marine Purposes, and for super marauders.

Mercs: ...

Firebat: It's flame is better than the Hellions. Combined with the Hercules, it provides DEVASTATING results.
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The Hercules is one of my favorites too, but I also like the Diamondback because it's so good vs. Armored units, and it looks cool.
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Guess what my unit is. hint:
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As soon as i can. Banshee and Vikings. Basically for me has won the entire campaign. I play them as MP. God i love it, I wish i could go back and buy more of the upgrades for the other units to try them out. I dont think i ever bought the Hercules? Maybe i did and didnt know it.
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Firebat and Specter.

Psionic lash does awesome damage on Kerrigan in the last mission.
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i love the Hercules because i rushed the high zerg research missions and got it almost as early as possible, then i just used it in almost every mission to just fly over the things that your designed to fight your way through.
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Fully uupgraded bunkers. Hell ya can hold up to anything :)
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Diamondback: Can attack while moving, does massive damage vs. armored and can obliterate anything if they're in high numbers (20 or more can kill the Train quickly), also they're Freaking cool.

Mercs: Reason is obvious, they have more health, damage and often range than regular units, plus war pigs in bunkers is a force to be reckoned with.

Firebats: They Are second to no unit i've found, in terms of anti-infantry capability, combined with medics with improved healing, they are a b**** to kill.

Supply Depot: The Walling Capability has now been Doubled!

Perdition Turrets: If they were people, i would marry them, no joke. They are freaking dangerous against melee attackers. They kill anything they hit almost immediately
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Hercules is great for missions like The Moebious Factor.

I'm gonna have to go with marauders though. Merc marauder + medic is insane.
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[Using the only-in-campaign]
Favorite Structure:
Perdition Turret.
I love my fire. I really really do. It has lots of health and deals tons of damage.

Favorite Units:
Spectres: 200 damage energy-nuke yesplease, shreds anything
Goliath: It's a goliath. I really don't know what else to say. Range, AA, power, health.
Predator: Worthless but awesome, so I get some anyway and they end up killing stuff.

Favorite Upgrade:
Self. Healing. Structures.
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Most useful unit in campaign, to me, is......


Cause they're SVC
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I like battlecrusier
awesome fire power and hard to kill
take a whole zerg base with 6 of em and nothing else
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The Spectre was one of my favs.

I loved the regular missions but the missions where you're going around with a few spectre's wrecking havoc are some or my favorites.
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Honestly, the fully upgraded Goliath. The perfect support unit whether you needed tanks or Valkyries.
Close second is the Science Vessel, because holy !@#$ is that broken in the campaign.
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Mules. All you need is Mules. And MMM.
Nothing else matters :D
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Most useful unit? The SCV. You wouldn't get anywhere without them.
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I'd say the self mining gas.
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Wanted to say SCV, but it was taken.
Otherwise I used reapers a lot on normal.
For harder difficulties I'd say Specter. I wish they enabled him for multiplayer.
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I'm going to say ghosts are by far my favorite unit in compaign. Take away energy cost of cloak with the upgrade and snipe units all day long.

As far as most useful? Mind control tower vs zerg. Taking enemy units with no food cost to strengthen your base or your attack is amazing.

If you don't count buildings, seige tanks. Set up a seigewall then do whatever you want in most single player missions.
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I think the Odin was my favorite unit added in the campaign. It's just so big and boss.
As for actually produceable units, probably the Wraith. Cloakable AA is awesome.
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