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Star wars v Zerg!!!

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Let's just say the Jedi won the clone wars and had never been destroyed in the jedi castle.

Out in the distance we see a swarm of alien lifeforms coming towards our home planet. Does the star wars universe have what it takes to beat the zergs?
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the Jedi castle? That's not what its called please L2nerd
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^ Stop trolling i meant jedi archive place
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Really? Jedi Castle?

jedi archive?

And it's called the jedi temple.
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lets see, depending on who is leading the republic to fight against the zerg and whether or not the zerg swarm is truly without number

if someone like Yoda, Obi Wan, Mace Windu, and any other competent/awesome guy was in charge of coordinating the defense. the Republic will most likely win, assuming they have an adequately equipped and supplied clone army to fight off the zerg
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That's what I'm saying man. That plus the rebels (trade federation) would all have teamed up to destroy the zerg infestation. Jedis battling hydralisks... ATT's v swarms of roaches

the death star v the overmind
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Hell ya sith vs queen of blades! darth vader @ darth sidith vs queen of blades.... if clone war times.... the outer rim is damned the cord world might be ok for first year of war, but zerg are endless. Unless the death star comes on line then game over for the zerg.... unless the zerg infest the death star... On the other hand if anything from starwars kights of the old republic to the mmo, game over for star wars univers.

If luke skywalker master jedi is leading them.... well the zerg better start becoming a bit for Diplomacy and lot more friendly or game over for the zerg.

seriously luke is golden GOD in the comics take on billions by him self.
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09/05/2012 12:09 PMPosted by Smithicles
^ you have a woman as your avi. your opinion is invalid


Human minds are so stupid....
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Star Wars loses. There are just too many zerg. Death Star? Zerg launch massive attack and infest it. Same for Star Destroyers, Calamari Cruisers, etc. Star Wars ships are so big that victories for the zerg would create massive insta-hive-clusters. Then, there are so many fearsome creatures in Star Wars that the zerg would love to get their claws on. Imagine-a Sarlacc that has been Zerg-i-fied? The terror. A rancor? Forget it.
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Let's be honest. The zerg are truly 100% Endless. Unless, of course, they were eradicated. But that would be a pain. There would be no hope for the Republic if these circumstances for the first post were met. The zerg will evolve to withstand Clonetrooper lasers, they would probably even infest some of the clones as well. And like Maverick's post, they would take the DNA from any useful Star Wars creature they could find, and use them to create new strains, or upgrade old ones. The Zerg getting their hands on a Sarlaac would mean more defenses for Hive Clusters all over.
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Jedi vs Zerg?

Zerg would just infest them, Jedi lack any sort of hive mind to prevent mind control via infestation.

Starwars in general vs Zerg?

Star Wars because SW is overpowered.
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So much for the queen of blades though. Abathur would create some crazy creatures from infested Jedi and Sith.
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As boss as the Jedi are the Star Wars universe has too much political intrigue to deal with something like the zerg. Even when facing the Yuuzan Vong (which had a lot of the same biotech type of technology and cruel harsh nature) it took losing most of the galaxy for the governments in Star Wars to get it together and be able to push back.
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A Zergified Rancor? I dont even want to think about that. Im sure it would make the Ultralisk seem like a house cat.

I think SW New Hope would stand better chance Death Star, Super star destroyers, the Eclipse destroyer, thousands of TIE fighters and interceptors. It would be a great battle.
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