StarCraft® II

Darkest Heart Episode 3

I shrug and head back to the kitchen to get a steak to eat.
Linnzie could smell the food and she could feel the hunger pain. "I have stronger senses and I was starving for many nights as once. Please take me to the kitchen since you are mocking my nose."
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Alistair turns back as he leaves. "Back down the hall, down the stairs and to the left."
"Err. Hello. I hear that you are a half-were? What happened down there?"
Linnzie then saw another person walk into her new room. "Yes I am, what are you going to do about it? And don't ask me ask these guys." She headed out through the door and down to the kitchen.
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I walk in. " It would be best not to disturb her for now. She's been through a lot."
"Hello, Michael. What happened down there? I got teleported out by accident, and woke up when you returned."
"A fair bit, Michael got bitten, we found Linnzie, and I lost an arm in a training accident."

I wag the shadowy, bone-like, chitinous replacement arm I made.
"Would you like to borrow one of my gauntlets? Might prevent *ahem* further incidents until it regenerates."
"It wouldn't help. This injury did not stem from outside sources. I use my body as a fuse to channel vast amounts of energy. And this was from not even a fraction of what I could be capable of."

I glance at a nearby wall.

"Not to mention I somehow managed to cause a small local earthquake..."
Linnzie walked into the Kitchen and started to tear the cabinets to pieces eating food right at the spot. She was ravenous.
I hear the scattering of pots and pans in the kitchen, a general bout of chaos.

"...You let the wolf girl into the kitchen, didn't you. Now we've gotta clean up a warzone!"
Alistair shakes his head. "It's fine. You'll never know she was there once she's done eating."
"Alistair, what happened down there? I wake up here, to find one without an arm, one bitten by a wereworlf, and a half-were in the mansion. How long was I unconscious?"
Linnzie grabbed a raw steak and started to tear it to pieces, the blood running down her chin.
"Long enough, Master Entrent."
OOC: Hrm... I guess I will get:

Death's Embrace: Wraps target enemy in Death Chains, crushing them as the chains pull back through the rifts they appeared in.

Is that ok?
Good. I has a plot twist coming soon be prepared everyone.
Plot twist? :D
OOC: *Prepares the plot twist organ*
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