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Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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Foiled by the janitor.
And a hot meal.

Nothing for it but to keep calling.



OOC: If you reach the room before I get back: Discord is in a room full of odds and ends. When you enter the door will shut behind you, and a kadarin crystal (which you do not know is Discord) on a shelf will start to glow. It is the only light in the room.
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I need the rudiments of Abel's new story Drac!
Akia grabbed Raven's shoulder and said, "Lets get rid of them, those pests. If your afraid of injury, I can take all the hits."
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Not being angry whatsoever, but damn, you.should teach a class of avoiding masses of enemies.

Kentel smiles, and pops candy corn in his mouth.

Who are you talking to?
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The bunker I'm in is blown apart by a railgun shot. I subconsciously burrow when I hit the ground, regenerating as I go unconscious.

Right next to the communications tower.

OOC: I like unconsciousness :D It makes things funnier XD
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Karma gets that odd gut feeling again, that she should be going somewhere. She gets up and brushes crumblets off herself and starts heading for the door.

"I hope you dont mind," she says, glancing over at Kentel, "Might wander around for a bit,"
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Carnos begins wandering the halls, heading to the gym to practice some simulations.

I am at an Academy after all...
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I send out a psionic broadcast to the rest of the students. "I have an idea to clear the skies of Banshees, I would recommend moving out of the area of the Banshee squadron. Send a message to me when you're clear of the area please."
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A boulder flies through the air, narrowly missing a Banshee.
{Toooooooooooo Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhhh. Let meeeeeeeeeeee.}
Zara'kal lets the other take over, who picks up a boulder with telekinesis and throws it. It slams into a banshee, crushing the cockpit with easy. Zara'kal laughs, and watches as more Banshees approach. He hears the psionic message, and replies
I've been targeting them with boulders. Might as well continue to do so.
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I had been speaking to Owlfeathers with that comment.

Basically, Abel will go civilian for a time, find an old CSAA officer, they will convince one another to rejoin the Commune, then, you know, go all.Benedict Arnold on each other. XD
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OOC: Ah, I see. And the mass of enemies will very soon be gone as soon as everyone clears the area.
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I had been speaking to Owlfeathers with that comment.

Basically, Abel will go civilian for a time, find an old CSAA officer, they will convince one another to rejoin the Commune, then, you know, go all.Benedict Arnold on each other. XD

With Abel's history, that ain't going to happen. Right now he is working for some money....
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I swerve to avoid one of the boulders, then cloak and start strafing the bunkers. {Shoot me down, Ceas, and I'll be sure to return the favor next time.}
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It's just two steps from being normal to killing a friend.
Step one: make new friend.
Step two: kill said new friend.
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That's why I cloaked. Less chance of being shot down by Ceas and the marines.
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After realizing the guy in the kitchen was busy doing things in there, Karma slipped out of the cafeteria and found herself wandering down the halls, trying to look for something she didnt' know what was.

...This is stupid...
she starts to think after a time, still wandering the halls. ...why am I doing this again...?
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Raven smiled at Akia. "When did you get in here? But I have a better idea, create a rift!"

I created another rift and Raven threw Akia in there. I waved at her. "Much safer and much more covert, this is how I took out a few of the bunkers."
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Akia backed up against the communications tower. "Thrown straight into enemy fire?!"
She covered herself with her shield as a hail of bullets struck her. "I can't defend and fight at the same time! I could protect someone, but I can't do anything else while I do it!"
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Raven then leapt out of the rift and sent out a few volleys of arrows. "Just keep them occupied."

I dumped irradiate near the enemies again and I spoke through comm. {Just stay away from the green cloud and you will be ok.} I was floating inside the network.
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Everyone can hear the psionic equivalent of mumbling in your sleep coming from the com tower.

"Hrhg..... Abel..... Gone.... Where...... Reaper....Friend..."
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I do another bombing run, opening up the way for the others to the coms tower. {Take out that tower!} I then turn on another line of bunkers, firing on it.
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