Tempest Idea's

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Current ideas:

Support with Void Rays and Phoenix (players seem to want to mass tempest only)

Keep one or two with army to force engagement, snipe units, take out tech buildings, get free shots on army outside your base.

Buff/change ideas (each idea is separate, not recommending all together) :
-Long range shots do same damage, but attacks at closer proximity do higher damage.
-Mild aoe at close range
-Energy for a "yamato like" shot that does higher damage (sniping units and building's)
-Available earlier in tech tree, but range upgrade stays toward end of tech tree.
-Debuff caused from attack- slowed movement speed/production, stun (interesting, tempest negates 1 unit from combat...), mana burn, armor decrease splash (similiar to corrupter in BW), etc.

I like the concept of the tempest and think some new strategy or buff's can make it more viable.

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The difficulty of Tempest -at least to use as you suggest- is that its a rediculously high tech investment.

Don't get me wrong, I think at least in the current iteration if you are going to use Tempest at all, you probably should never build more than 3... but then again, its probably better just to not build them at all.

The problem with low numbers of Tempest is tech cost. You have to get the 300/200 fleet beacon, and then the 150/150 range upgrade. I'm not sure on the cost of the upgrade, but thats probably about right. So, we're talking 450/350 before you even build your first unit. The only other thing the Fleet Beacon gets you is the ability to build mothership -which you can have only 1 of-, and phoenix range. In other words, not that useful of a structure.

So if you use say, 2 tempests with your army, you've spent 1050/950 on getting them. This is absolutely absurd. There is no way they are worth that cost.

Tempests take rediculously long to snipe tech buildings, especially if there is Transfuse or repair going on. Destroying units runs into the same problem, and also that the AI is not particularly smart when targeting, forcing a fair amount of focus-fire micro for only minimal gain. Finally, forcing an engagement is only good if you *win* the engagement, and Tempests eat up a good chunk of supply and resources that could otherwise be going to more combat-oriented units
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Also, Tempests outrange thier vision, which means that you must also buy either a vulnerable Observer or faster but expensive Oracle/Phoenix in order to make use of their range. All of these units can be sniped extremely easily by zerg, and relatively easily by Terran, adding further to the cost of using Tempest.
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honestly the only way I can see the tempest buff is if given a proper role the only role I can think of is a role of Anti tier 3 by giving bonus damage vs armored and or massive units even if it means the range is reduced to its own vision.
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The Protss need a new robo unit..
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I am so smart i can see this is op.
The tempest is a siege breaker. so let it be!
tempest should be given a small splash that does no damage but it splash reveals cloaked units for a time. So yeah you hear me bro?
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Supporting a niche unit with niche units is a really dumb idea.

BTW you forgot
- Attack stuns the target.
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Flowers I like your ideas, I also had thought about "Long range shots do same damage, but attacks at closer proximity do higher damage", so I completely agree with you

Another idea could be to have a smaller Tempest unit (without the Fleet Beacon requirement) which could do less damage, with a shorter range (8), and non-massive damage, but it should be cheaper and little bit faster

And after you get the fleet beacon you could have the option to upgrade unit by unit (like corruptor into brood lord) which will give the long range, extra damage to massive units, and also make it slower.

The idea is to have a unit that you can bother a little bit and use it more often, because if the Tempest unit makes it like it is right now, we, protoss players, won't use it much.


I forgot to say that I'm a beta tester so I've tried to use the tempest, but it's hard to use it and I doubt that I'll use oftener after HOTS is released. I want a unit that can make the game more fun to play every game and not once in a while.
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