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Why Entomb is a problem

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1. Contrary to popular belief, your opponent DOES receive a "our workers are under attack" message when Entomb goes down on a mineral field that is being mined.

2. Entomb does ONLY temporary damage, and no permanent damage. IE: The opponent will still be able to mine all the minerals, just not as fast. This means that you only delay your opponents economy, you do not actually harm it. This is especially important for games that go to late game, where your opponent will mine out bases that were entombed, getting 100% of the minerals you were trying to stop them from getting. And since you did not destroy any workers (cost him any resources), the damage you did drops to 0.

3. Entomb has no uses other than mineral field blockage.

4. A full duration entomb I'm told "costs" (see #2) your opponent about 400 minerals. However, if your opponent a-moves only workers at the fields they can clear it and lose only about 100 minerals worth of mining delay, purely with a-move workers. For a spell that costs 100 energy, this is CLEARLY much worse than getting a measly 2 worker kills.

5. If the Oracle were a "killing" unit, you would say at 150 min, 200 gas, that you probably need around 10 worker kills to make it worth it. Translate that into something that makes sense with the Oracle, you'll need to delay about 500 minerals worth of mining. In other words, you'll need to get off about 5 Entomb spells per Oracle to make it worth it. And that is with the generosity of assuming that delaying 100 min worth of mining is as good as killing 2 workers, which is definitely not the case.

A proposed solution to some of these problems, take it or leave it:

Entomb does not prevent mining. Instead, it depletes mineral patches, as if they were being mined for a few seconds (but does not give the Protoss player resources). In other words, you essentially slowly remove the minerals in your opponents base from the game.

Pros: Remains Worker-friendsly harass, but does permanent damage. Does less up front damage, but more damage late game.

Cons: Might not solve the problem of Entomb being pretty 1-dimensional. Does not slow opponent's economy.
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It needs a heavyer buff but a interesting thought none the less. It would hurt late game more so but then agin 95% games do not go so far where there are not nuf mineral fields.
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6. It's boring to watch and to do.

Maybe make the AoE small so that it can only hit a few patches, then you could choose whether to be efficient with energy and only entomb clumps of three patches and skip the groups of two, it would also makes accuracy more of a factor since there's more clicks (if you're in a hectic situation you might miss a patch). This change won't make things hard since you can just shift-click-click-click but it gives players more choices.
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