StarCraft® II

Automine and Suggested Miners

I know this is beating a dead horse because everybody has been talking about it but I feel that automine in the beginning of game and the main base telling you how many miners you should have on minerals and gas is kinda silly.

I mean, at the end of the day I suppose it doesn't really matter much when it comes to pros and simply good/decent players but having auto mine and suggested miners kinda beats the point of teaching the basic fundamentals that lower level players need to learn.
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But here's the thing. Not everyone cares to learn so much about starcraft. I'm rank 1 silver! And I honestly just want to proxy hatch and mass battlecruisers. Now, if someone wants to pay me to play Starcraft I'll gladly learn all the timings and count all the workers!
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Seriously, it's a video game. #1 point is to have fun. Tedium, such as needless counting, does not improve funness.
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Worker counting wouldn't bother me if it weren't WRONG. Optimal saturation is 16.
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Auto mine is odd and is throwing me of. I personally don't like it for ladder play, main reason is I don't like lowering skill cap for the game.

09/14/2012 04:58 PMPosted by Amridell
Worker counting wouldn't bother me if it weren't WRONG. Optimal saturation is 16.

It's showing max, having it show optimal would be even more silly.
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"Optimal" [Most Minerals Per Second Per SCV] saturation is 16.

Most-minerals-per-second is what people generally think of as Optimal, and that would be 24. Go look it up on TeamLiquid/Liquipedia if you don't trust me.
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