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Zerg Heart of the Swarm Questions

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Why does zerg only get 2 new units (especially when they already have the fewest units as it is)? I realize this is a super old question, but what's the deal? Adding the speed upgrade to hydras or tunneling to ultralisks does not make them a new unit; it simply makes them somewhat usable now. I'm not saying that zerg isn't balanced in its ability to win games, but they simply get fewer options that the other two races. I wouldn't mind seeing new nydus worms to help make up for this. However, the one thing I was looking forward to in HoTS was better ways to deal with air in the early game for zerg. Getting 6+ queens seems to be the only reasoble thing to do and that's risky. I thought one of the biggest things to be looked at for HoTS was to make the corrupters more interesting. So far nothing has changed these most boring units in the game. Also, anything else happening with the overseer? A new ability that might actually get used would be nice (contaminate is only used in very high level play).
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The deal is 30 bucks a half.
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... Translation plz?
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huh? what does 30 bucks a half mean?
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Ya when they first showed the HoTS units I was too wondering why zerg got the fewest units while it was their expansion. It seems more reasonable now though. As you know I completely agree with you on the corruptor, I think they are just finishing/touching up on the graphics of the new nydus worms, and wish the overseer was given something cool too.
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every race only gets 3
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im fairly sure the new nydus worm is solo campain only. I never saw a multilayer mention anywhere...
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I did see a video of the weird Nydus Worms but they were most likely using editor.

Well let's see the new stuff:
- Battle Hellion Upgrade
- Widow Mine
- Reaper Abilities: Combat Drugs & Combat Awareness

- Mothership Core
- Oracle
- Tempest
- Carrier is retained

- Swarm Host
- Viper
- Ultra Burrow Charge
- Hydra Speed Upgrade

I wouldn't exactly say it's not fair but Terran and Zerg do seem to be getting the short end of the stick now that Toss has really good air power.

I think they should address some of the lesser used abilities like:
- 250mm Strike Cannons (which haven't been used in...)
- Burrow Charge (which hasn't been used in...)
- Void Ray (which overlaps with the Tempest now)
- Contaminate (Which hasn't been used in...)
- Snipe ( people use this anymore or...?)
Can't think of anything else. They really should think about doing something about those units/abilities though.
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