Darkest Heart Number Six

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"Well, I was a bit busy working on these."
I say, pulling out one of the 'revolvers' I'd made earlier.

The pistols fire 'bolts' of holy fire charged with psi lightning.
my rough idea for their stats:
Firestorm Revolvers (range 10, damage 20 [+15 vs monsters])
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I look them over. "Based on a peacemaker, good choice. Now, lets get some food. I may have let myself get a little aggravated when I saw the wounds."

OOC: I'll approve them.
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Don't feed the trolls people.
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Agreed, however this one however has gotten to be annoying enough to report... >:)

Also, I'm possibly done for the evening, if nothing else major happens.

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Nah, not til Zanon comes back. So you can quit for the night.
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The archangel's wounds look significantly better, but he still shows no signs of awakening. There is a sudden fludder of wings as the Archangel's wings extend slightly, then cover his seemingly sleeping form.
Soft light escapes from between feathers, but there is no space to look inside.

The walls seem to reflect the light oddly; almost like they too have become a source of light, dimmer than the angel's.
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I sit in the kitchen, eating another omelet. At this rate, things would get out of hand quickly. I could feel the Archangel doing his thing, and I was relieved. It meant he'd be awake sooner. My owner wings appeared in response, stretching. It had been sometime since I'd last given them a good work out. I wonder how he would react if he knew what I was...
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OOC: Modified Armads and Athos to fire bolts of light energy. Idk what to do for the stats.

IC: We better be on our guard. Whatever gave that archangel his injuries will likely try to track us here.
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I chuckle, letting my wings return to a rest, but leaving them visible. "The wards will keep them out of the house itself. We're fine."
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I come racing down the hall, hair still wet from a shower, all too aware of that burning light energy. Oh god, we're under attack again, aren't we... With a turn, I continue to race down the hall, but stop, seeing a large amount of light pouring from under a door.

Even for this place, that's a bit odd. And the same burning sensation stems from that room, if a bit weaker than it was last time... With a cautious step, I put my hand on the door, wondering what lays inside...
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Linnzie could feel the Archangel and his energy was much stronger than what Tobi and his sister could do. Despite the pill she started to hyperventilate and I grabbed a hold of her, my hand still searing from the touch. Tobi, we have a problem and I think you should get down here now!"
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I hear footsteps outside the room "Looks like some people have gotten curious." I step outside. "If you want to see what happened, come in- whats happening to Linnzie?"
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I lift a curious eyebrow. "What do you mean? I haven't heard anything about Linnzie. And what the hell's with all the light in there? Its like you have a miniature sun in there..."
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"As for the light, an injured archangel is in there, recovering. As for Linnzie, no idea how i can know that she's in trouble.(explained in earlier parts)" I walk back into the room.
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I come back into the room with Linnzie and place a hand on her head. "Shadro!" Instantly, she calms down. "That should do it."
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I gulp. "Do you know if it was the same one that attacked us before? Or is it someone new...?"

I get a little worried.
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"If anyone is in pain from the energy being emitted by the angel, ask me and ill help you out. As for which angel, i have absolutely no idea."
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I accidentally touched the rifle again, my arm was bleeding again. "Damn it!" Scooping Linnzie up I started for the lounge. "This is crazy...and all of this energy isn't going to be healthy for Linnzie, even with the pill."
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{It's the same angel, Noct. However, I think he understands what I meant now. Micheal, let me know when he wakes.} I follow, trying to pull some of the energy away from Linnzie. "Graal, let me try another ward."
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