PanKoprulu Academy Part 23

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OOC: BTW. Owlfeathers. I liked your link in Internet's Triumphs. I love music, if you find any more please link it.

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"Yeah...well you know what? He can forget about it and he's lucky if we weren't caught because of this. And if anything I'll go talk to him if he sees us." Some officers were patrolling the neighborhood and they pulled over. One of them rolled down a window.

Sir, we heard of an incident going on in the area. You wouldn't happen to be related would you.
The remaining officers notice the second assailant on the roof and are caught off guard.
The swat team busts down the door to the basement. Green team goes in first, but they find nothing in the first room. Everyone else piles in. They use a door stopper to prevent anyone from escaping the basement unnoticed.
Logan: I approach the officers. The helicopter is then shot at by some kind of beam. I gape at it. It hits the roof, but there isn't a crash or an explosion. I hope everyone's all right. Ambulances are heard nearby. They arrive just as I get to the downed officers. Medics pour out of the ambulances.

Medic: Looking at the downed officers. "What happened here?!"

Logan: "Never mind. I'll explain later. Take care of them. That one probably has a broken arm. That one was clipped by a car. There may be wounded on that roof and that roof. That one has the helicopter, but it may not be able to take off." I point at the buildings where my team leader is and the building across from the hotel.

Medic: "Damn. All right. We'll do what we can."

L: "Logan..."

Logan: "Sir! You're awake!" I run over to him. "What did they do to them sir?"

L: "Listen Logan," I say so no one else can hear. "They erased their memories and replaced them with ones of a gang fight. They-they're some kind of psychics."

Logan: "I know. That man speak directly to my mind."

L: "!@#$. I knew it.

Gold team leader (on radio): "Sir, you there."

L: I break the window on on one of the locked squad cars. Some of the medics flinch. I ignore them. I grab the radio. "I'm here."

Gold: "We called for a bomb squad. We also have wounded in here. When we clear the building, send in the medics."

L: "Right. You got it." (To Logan) "Listen, I know where that man went. We have to follow him. The swat team and the men on those roofs will have to take care of themselves for now."

Logan: "How do you know where he is."

L: "I just know. Come on let's go."

Medic: "Wait! You need to be checked out. Especially you (to Logan), you have blood on you."

L: "We're fine. Besides we still have a job to do."

EDIT: Fixed my last post Owlfeathers.
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The police noticed that they had already left before they could say anything. I was holding Cayl's hand because we weren't somewhere private yet. "So honey what is this movie going to be about?" Winking again.
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"A monster vacation hotel from the picture out front." I was glancing around, watching for the police to walk in.
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"I think I will just walk about town. Not really feeling a movie. See you guys back at the hotel. Oh we are in the CoSilver apartments. Make sure to have a pop culture costume."

I walk out of them theater and wander about town. I find a guitar shop and decide to pick up an electric bass. I figured it was time to replace the one I lost awhile ago.
I leave the shop and continue to wander about town.
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I cloak and head towards the theater.

I see Shade and Cayl. "What the f*ck is going on here?" I ask as I decloak behind them.
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Cayl we must play the part again as the young couple. I kissed him on the cheek. "Well...I hope the movie is good. And what does he mean by pop culture?" I turned around and I could barely speak. "Zaros...this isn't what it looks like!"
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I jump. <Blending. Now get that sweat shirt out of sight. Her idea.> I turn to Shade. "Our other hotel was out of room by the time he checked in."
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The shirt burns up around me. A few people saw it but soon walked away as if nothing happened. "Happy?" My irises were shining. I pay no attention to Shade.
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WTF, Shadowfury? No cops approached you. That's me decision.
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I stood in front of Zaros. "Please don't do anything to Cayl...he didn't do anything and it was all my idea!"
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"What you mean?" I say as I glare with an asian accent.

I ignore Shade as a slight crimson came crawling from my pupils.
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I was getting nervous. "Just please forget about this whole thing...just please!?"
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Just realized something. Everyone in the helicopter would have no idea what happened, while in stasis thought is also frozen. It would basically be like everyone falling asleep at once, the helicopter crashing, and then everyone waking up without realizing that they had even fallen asleep. I suggest that you get some barf bags for disorientation.
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My finger inched towards my bracer. "Zaros, this isn't the time or place for this. Let it go."
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"Too late." The demon does a quick and simple grab of Cayl and throws his head down to his knees. Cayl is sent backwards from the impact. The demon calmly walks towards Cayl. The crimson covering the eyes while my body was only starting to be inflamed in a crimson fire.
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Yay! Thank you, Flint. Mmmm. B neg.

{Alright, I'm picking stuff up. I'm gonna need sizes to get these costumes bought. Flint, ask everyone their height and size approximation. I'll do what I can with this plastic rectangle, as I only have fifty nine dollars and twelve cents left from Kobe beef and Merlot.}

Jess walks forward. "By what Shadow tells me, Adam Sandler was a good actor, so this 'Hotel Transylvania' should be good."

As official DM of the PanKoprulu Academy, I hereby dub Thecommander an applied member of this thread.

Miss anything?
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09/26/2012 03:31 PMPosted by Owlfeathers
Just realized something. Everyone in the helicopter would have no idea what happened, while in stasis thought is also frozen. It would basically be like everyone falling asleep at once, the helicopter crashing, and then everyone waking up without realizing that they had even fallen asleep. I suggest that you get some barf bags for disorientation.

Noted. Also, I'm ignoring Shadow's last post. No cops approached him. I control them and it doesn't sit right with me if 2012 police officers are killed by Starcraft characters. Sorry, again Shadow, but that's my decision.
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"Fine. Ignore everything except the cloaking and decloaking into the theater."
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Yeah take your time with it cause you won't get anymore after it.

I'll send you some more money Dani. And Jess might be best to ask because I left the others. I wasn't feeling up for a movie. I kinda got a feeling that someone is seeking me out. I might just be paranoid though.

OOC: Yeah TC make the post.
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I flip, the armor enveloping me and I land on my feet, makeshift wrist blades made from the nanites. "Zaros, cool it or I'll do it for you!"
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