Two noobs looking for tips.

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My Friend and I are starting to get into game after awhile of just dicking around.. we're looking to get into 2v2. Does anyone have some Race and build suggestions. Or some good information to read.
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Honestly What matters most is that you get good at undestanding the game. Starcraft 2 is a Competitive game and the reason that its Competitive is that there isnt a over powering strategy everything is dynamic and has weaknesses and strengths.

So watching pros play learning some good 1vs1 strats and then going into 2vs2 with some creative play. There are things about 2vs2 that Will help you such as

Scout, Team games always have alot of cheese and you need to know what is coming how to read for example a forge being a cannon rush. Or double Gas from a protoss could be DT or voids.

Knowing Good Unit Compositions. For Example alot of noobs build 1 unit. Usually they build the worst unit too hahaha. Like they will go for Mass void or mass muta.

Learn good Unit builds for example Protoss zealot, stalker Collossus adding in HT later in the game.

Or as zerg doing a simple roach infestor or ling infestor into either broods or ultras.

Or as terran learning a good MMM Ball.

when it comes 2vs2 the same rules apply as 1vs1 90% of the time but there are times when it dosnt apply.

For example in team games I am a zerg player who plays with a protoss player. and Often getting Corruptors but not broodlords helps us win beacuse My corrptors kill units that would normally destory my partners units so by working together we can get a force that is pretty strong.

Another Example is Collossus Infestor works well together beacuse I make the army stand there and take the Collossus to the face were in a normal protoss only army they could have just run away.

You just need to learn how to play the game and adjust to your opponents then crush there force. And learn how to crush noob Stratgies like mass 1 unit but one you do You start to enter the diamond masters level and games can be epic. Its not perfect like 1vs1 but It is very fun and you can enjoy it.
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