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[Bug] Cannot Open Map

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Well I've run into it again. Bugs that destroy a lot of work for what appears to be no reason whatsoever.

All of a sudden I cannot open any recent (as in the last month) version of Fate of the Empire.

Its stupid because I was working on it just fine yesterday and this morning.

Now I just did a big cleanup of my computer and did everything in the Blizzard guide on how to uninstall StarCraft 2 and reinstalled the game with a fresh downloaded copy and still its the same thing.

I'm going to be sending the map to a few people and I'm also going to see what I can do to round up the diplomacy community to support this getting fixed asap.


It freezes every time it tries to load the actor data. It was working this morning. All I did was clean up some stuff and redo 2 attacks. I've already had one bug about 4-5 days ago the reverted some 40+ buttons to what they were almost 6 months ago.

I really need this fixed. There seems to be some (more than a few) inherent bugs in this map. I blew about 5 hours replacing old trigger functions (the ones in there were literally marked "old" with new ones and optimizing code. Now I can no longer work on it at all.

I'm sending it all to the email I have for Deletarius. If I cannot open it then I need the data recovered and put into a new map. This map is almost 2 years old and almost everything in it is outdated.

Thank You!

Edit: The Email has been sent with 2 dropbox links to the email Deletarius provided me.
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dear blizzard u need to fix this problem with fockewolf cause this diplomacy map is upand comming and gaining players by the minute plz help it would be very much appritiatied
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callblizz man
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Though this map is a lil ancient, but god damn it has potential. Please review this situation and assess the needs of the map maker of this awesome custom game "FockeWulf". Many thanks if you do :D
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Looks like the freaking editor wrote corrupt data again. Hopefully I can copy some data over from an older map.
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Found the problem.

I made a video cause this is just too damned stupid.

I'm guessing infinite loop but I just have to ask.... HOW?!?

Why Blizzard WHY?!? Why must you !@#$ with me like this?
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Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to sneak in that infinite loop into the editor just to effect your username ... srsly ... had to use 7 proxies to get in ... true story bro. <3
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I just saw the email that you sent, and have sent it along to be checked out. Sorry for the delay!
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Thank You
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