[Bug] Dialog Item Enabled/Disabled Condition

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When I create an event "Any dialog item is used via Mouse Enter" and make a condition stating that the used dialog item must be "enabled", I receive an in-game error stating
"Scri:Trigger Error in'gt_mytrigger_Func': Could not get 'property' from parameter in 'DialogControlGetPropertyAsBool' (value: 13)

If the condition is requiring "Enabled" dialog items to run the actions of the trigger, it returns the above error only on enabled dialog items and no error on disabled ones, but runs the trigger's actions in neither case.

If the condition is requiring "Disabled" dialog items to run the actions of the trigger, it returns the above error on enabled and disabled dialog items but runs the actions when the mouse enters both enabled and disabled dialog items.
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I would have thought that "disabled" dialog items cannot activate triggers. Guess I was wrong on that count. Does it only disable mouse click events or something?

My first suspiscion would be that "used dialog item" is not giving you the correct dialog item. I'm guessing you cannot access any other parameters of the dialog item either, correct? Try changing the condition to "(X offset of (used dialog item)) > 0" and I'm guessing you would get a simillar error. I would be very surprised if it was only the "enabled" property you cannot access.

Out of curiosity what happens if you remove it from the conditions and instead put an if-then-else statement in the actions section to test if it is enabled?

can you create a global variable for a particular dialog item then in the trigger compare it to "used dialog item" to make sure they are the same?
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Dialog items (or at least, dialog item buttons), do not have their "enabled/disabled" flag set initially. In order to use the conditional "dialog item is enabled", you must first specify that the dialog item is "enabled" (same as you would do to specify a dialog item was disabled).

Essentially, the enabled/disabled flag is an empty variable until you set it.

Hence, the issue with the property return error.
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