This is what i did:
I made a tower (its a DT) I wanted it to turn with the enemy so instead of giving it a footprint I just made it unmovable, than I modified an auto turret (named it TDFP) to be my footprint for the tower.
I added a trigger and named it to "Apply FootPrint Dummy".
This is how it looks like:

-Unit-Any Unit construction progress is Started
-Unit-Create 1 TDFP for player(Triggering PLayer) at (Position of (Triggering Unit)) facing 270.0 degrees (No Option)

It works perfectly. It creates my modified turret under the tower and acts as a blockage, but in the same time my tower turns towards the mob its shooting!

The only hick-up I have with this is that i dont know how to remove/destroy this turret if say I cancel the tower before its constructed or if I sell the tower.
Right now if i do that the turret stays where it was created....

Any suggestions how to remove it with triggers or any other way?
Edited by Bushido on 10/10/2012 10:39 AM PDT