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help on all in normal

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I did the no mutalisk mission cause I don't like non base and the other was fun
I never use mind control hellish !@#$ defense mission
its like they never stop coming
how many bunkers on each side 2, 4, or a bunker wall
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victory but on casual 2527 kills 30min thats enough for me
I did play normal enough for all achievement but the hard one
only one i used it on
even with 4 bunkers they still broke me at 65% on normal
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just mass tanks everywhere. With the friendly fire decrease and increased dmg upgrades from the armory it should be no problem on normal.
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This tactic worked for me. Hope it helps!

1. Bunker line (at least 4 on each side)
2. While #1 is happening drone up on SCVs' Have at least 4 SCVs stay with your bunkers on each side to repair (get repair upgrade)
3. Make tanks, at least 6 on each side, some on cliffs (FF upgrade would help a lot)
4. Sensor Towers on cliffs to SLOW down enemy <---- IS SUPER important for me. It helps dramatically. I usually build 2-3 on each side in case one gets destroyed.
5. DONT FORGET! Build bunkers with 2-3 marines around your base (and mineral line) to defend against nydus worms.
6. If you still have extra resources, place supply depos infront of your bunkers to give speed zerglings less surface area to do damage

Good luck! Hope this helps :)
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Tanks - kill ground things
Ghost/Spectres - mass snipe/psionic lash kerrigan killer
banshees - kill nydus worms
purdition turrets/turrets - mineral dump

With building these units and your starting forces, you should have no problems.
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Instead of banshees, I'd recommend patrolling diamondbacks to clear out the nydus worms in your base. The ones out of the base aren't that big a deal, and they don't keep spawning once they've already spawned, so if you can handle a hew extra attack waves, and saves units.
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Just mass seige tanks and turtle up in your base. Dont put them too close to the edges of your base otherwise kerrigan will kill them. You should also get a couple of battlecruisers to yamato down kerrigan. Just ignore the nyduses and let them spawn.

Dont rely on bunkers. Mass tanks in the center of the base with some support units and the zerg will evaporate before they get to you.
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