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Custom Map: Mech Battles

Posting this for map-maker Cryosin:

===============Mech Battles=============================

Mech Battles is a 3rd preson Mech game where you are in full control of your Armor!

You control your mech by using WASD, and the right mouse button is used to look around and control your camera.

There are numerous line of sight locations scattered throughout the map, so use them wisely when traversing the terrain.

Every Mech has its own unique traits and abilities, as well as companions, or droids. Understand your mech and use teamwork to take down your enemies!

Suggested Players: 4
I highly recommend playing with the max four players. The game was designed and balanced around 2v2(and 4v4 later

Objective: Take out the enemy structures to defeat that player. (More gametypes coming soon).

How to find the game:
Go into the search box and type in "Mech Battles" (without the Apostraphe's). You can bookmark the game if you want it to show up on your list.

The mech's:


Goliath: The Goliath is a heavy hitting high damage dealer.
Armor: Medium
Speed: Medium
Range: Medium
Gatling Gun: The gatling gun is a high rate of fire close range weapon. If you feel you are about to get a kill, use this weapon finish your foes.
High ROF
Medium Damage
Low Range
Rocket Pods: The rocket pods are long range missiles used by the Goliath to shoot enemies from a distance. Use this from escaping enemies or dangerous foes.
Special Ability(spacebar): Stimulant: Increases movement speed and attack speed.
Science Vessel:
Nano-Repair: Faster heals, cost energy
Shockwave: Explosive blast that causes damage and knockbacks enemies.

Viking: The Viking is a close range hit and run scout unit. Use its speed and manueverability to dish out pain and retreat.
Armor: Low
Speed: High
Range: Medium
Gauss Cannon: Close range high damage weapon.
Very low ROF
Very high Damage
Medium range
Special Ability: Uses armor to scan the area for cloaked units.
Repair: Slower heal than the Science Vessel, but costs no energy.
Turret: Places a turret that does moderate damage but has low HP.
Seeker Missile: Fires a guided heat seeking missile that causes medium damage.

Immortal: The Immortal is a heavy hitting tanking class that causes serious damage. It's hard to kill one on one, but if it becomes surrounded he can easily be taken out.
Armor: High
Speed: Low
Range: Low
Pulse Cannons: The Immortals weapons are a low range heavy hitting weapon, making the immortal a great unit when utilizing LOS and stalking manuevers.
Medium ROF
High Damage
Low Range
Special: Immobilizes the Immortal for a 20% increased shield regeneration rate.
Graviton Beam: 5 Seconds
Psi Storm: A strong Psi Attack that will devastate foes who do not leave its area.

Stalker: The stalker is a stealth ambush unit that deals heavy damage, but is fragile.
Armor: Low
Speed: Medium
Range: Medium
Gatling Laser: The stalkers main weapon does high DPS over time and is a very fast firing weapon, making the stalker a great ambush fighter.
RoF: Very High
Damage: Low(High when combined with RoF)
Range: Medium
Hallucinations: Every 30 seconds the stalker will spawn hallucinations. Use these to scout the map and confuse your enemy. This provides vision for your teamates as well, so great coordination will make the stalker very potent.

****Note: I have spent the last week developing and tweaking the mod. There has been little to no playtesting done. If you would like to be a tester, please send me a message with the times you are available to test. I would like to have a tight nit group of testers to really hammer out the balance and flesh out ideas.

If you have any suggestions, ideas and/or advice.. I am very open to it all. Constructiv criticism is very welcome and I appreciate all of it.

======================What's in Store Later====================
This is an EARLY Alpha build. I spent a little over a week putting together the ideas and creating the mod. There is a LOT more that I want to add. Here is a list of things that are coming in the future:
Items and Experience: I will be doing a combined Items and Experience method for the game. Your comanions will level up, similar to a DoTa style game. I haven't decided about what to do with items yet, but I do want them in.
Gametypes: Right now, the win condition is simple and bland. This is just for now, I want to add multiple modes and gametypes:
CTF, TDM and Maybe even a DoTa style map(if possible, depending on lag).
More Players/Classes: Right now there are 4 classes. They are unique and fun, but there isn't much selection yet. My goal is to make the game playable with at least 8 Players. Depending on how stable and lag-free the mod goes(so far so good!), I would like to add as many players as possible. There is more coming, don't worry!

Class Selection: I am having some issues making this work! If anyone is really good at modding and knows how to do this, I will gladly communicate with you about how the Mod works and what I can do to make Class Selection possible. I have tried many methods, but so far they seem to cause errors with the 3rd person WASD controls.
*******Please Note: For protective reasons, I will NOT hand out the map file. If you have specific questions about how I made something or how something works, I will gladly answer. The map file will not be given out though!

Thanks a lot for reading and checking out the mod! See you on the battlefield.

==========Known Issues(Alpha 1.1)==============================
- The targeting AI will sometimes glitch forward and rubber band to an enemy. This seems to happen to Terran units more than Protoss. I will be eliminating as much of the AI as possible in future builds.
- Bullets will continue traveling after a unit dies, hitting the unit as it re-spawns. A respawn timer and better mechanism will be added later, for now this glitch is somewhat un-avoidable.
- Balance! There is none, but I encourage you all to play and enjoy the mod! I will hear every comment I can. The current balance is a rough sketch of how I "feel" things should be, there is no rhyme or reason other than "this seems cool/fun". I tried to avoid obviously broken things like instantly dying and units being un-killable, but I'm sure you guys will find a nice combination of abilities and strategies that will break the game. Please post them.

You can e-mail me here:
(it's a zero)
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I will be on tomorrow at 1 PM (PST) To playtest for anyone interested.
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anyone on? Help me test!
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