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building on beacons

a while back I created a game called Battle for the Void, and one big complaint was that players could not build buildings, it was air units only. Now however Ive found a way to make buildings in this game, but i have a problem with it

in the data editor, under behaviors, that you can have units built on other units. When I tried it however, it gave me an error that said, must be placed on a vespene geyser, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as i am redoing this game to fix a lot of its issues.
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Not in behaviors.

There is a field called "built on" or something like that in the units tab. If you are getting that error, just look for where it says vesepene in the unts tab.
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Focke- It's one of the "behavior: ..." fields of the unit.

Nergali- It uses that generic error message by default for build-on failure, it just means for some reason it's not recognizing that you're targeting a valid unit to build on. After a little trial-and-error, it appears that the source of the problem is the fact that the beacon units are "untargetable" by default. Turn off the untargetable flag and the problem should go away (it did for me, even after reverting other experimental changes). Perhaps unfortunately, this also means players can't issue an attack-move order onto the beacon (because it will interpret the instruction as "attack the beacon"), and such things, anymore. I don't see an easy workaround for this (hopefully) minor issue. Also, collision groups appear to affect whether a placeholder model for the building will appear on valid build locations. I got it to show up by turning the beacon's ground collide flag on, but I'm not sure whether this is the only way to do that. No idea whether you want to.
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Thanks for all the help, it works great, i can build things like photon cannons and missile turrets on beacons now =D

I am however having a new problem, whenever i build a photon cannon, it shows that it is unpowered, even though i removed the power user behavior
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Ah, that's actually easy to fix. The powered/unpowered appearance of protoss buildings is controlled by their actors, through the ProtossBuildingPowerUp Event Macro. All you gotta do is remove this macro from the photon cannon's actor.
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Thanks Fed for once again coming to my map's rescue. The turrets are all up and running. There is the small issue of the beacons now being targetable as you mentioned earlier, but for my map I have a different plan (I'll just use ground pathing for the turrets, they are the only ground structures)

For all your help Fed, i would am going to place a special thanks to you in my map's loading screen.
Feel free to message here if you want me to remove it, or if you want a different name put up instead (like your player name if you have multiple accounts)
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Thanks for the acknowledgement. I come here because I enjoy helping people through these kinds of problems, and the experience is much more rewarding when I know my efforts are both succsessful and appreciated. I don't care a whole lot whether my name is on anyone's load screen, but it warms my heart to know you want to put it there :)
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