Published in NA and EU, 6vs6 Assault Game Mode.

For more Information on the modification, plz visit sc2mapster:

And here is a short preview, however, this is not the mercenary mode (one of two different game modes):

In Conquest Assault: The Crystal Heist, two races, the terran and protoss forces, fight for two ancient khaydarin crystals found in an old Xel'Naga temple in the deep jungle of Bel'Shir.

You can choose between 4 different classes, control one hero and play with up to 5 additional teammates. While the terran must steal the artifacts, that are hidden in the protoss base, the protoss defenders must do everything to defend these rare crystals at all costs. Teamplay is vital for success.

The gameplay is very similar to other assault-based games like Unreal Tournament Classic Assault Mod, Brink, Team Fortress 2, Enemy Territory:Wolfenstein or Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

  • Dynamic day/night cycle: zerg behavior depends on time of day, so for example, roaches burrow at dawn & noon
  • Killstreak Rewards: once you reach a certain number of kills in a row, you can unlock rewards that help your entire team
  • PowerUps: they increase your running speed, armor or damage for 30 seconds
  • ItemShop: over 50 items can be obtained and upgraded while in combat (if you have the required credits and zerg parts)
  • and much more...

    Hope you like the idea, any feedback or suggestions on improving the game is welcome :)

    I created this map three years ago in the World Editor of WarCraft III. However, as SC2 came out I decided to take the idea and realize it in the GE.

    This mod will also be used for my Bachelor Thesis. If anyone wants to participate and rate the game, I´d much appreciate it.