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So i decided to play some single player campaign mode today to get some achievements and i was all like "DAFUQ IS THIS UNIT, DAFUQ IN THAT UNIT"

anyone have any info on counters for the "CAMPAIGN ONLY UNITS" totally forgot there were different units in campaign mode lol
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So..What are you asking for exactly? What units counter what?

Well, goliaths are meant for Anti air. Good against colossi, void rays, battle cruisers and any armored air unit.

Diamond backs are meant for killing armored units on the ground.

Firebats are meant for zerglings.

Specters are good against any high HP units like bosses or anything with 200+ hp.

Wraiths are good against armored air units but work best if you kill the detectors first.

Medics are best to follow your marines around.

Vultures are good against light units such as marines and zealots. The mines can also decimate a ground force pretty easily.

I think that pretty much covers the new units in the campaign.
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DAFUQ is this guy talking about?
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10/11/2012 03:03 AMPosted by StickyWicket
DAFUQ is this guy talking about?
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Wait, im confused on this. You dont fight against "campaign only units" You use them. So why do you need to know what counters your units?
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Marines. :P
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Marine, Marauder, Medic/Medivac Bioball. Rapes EVERYTHING.
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Marines, maybe a medivac or two the ENTIRE game. 100% of it. I have beat it on brutal twice now. A few missions require BC's or some shenanigans but mainly marines.
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you can win the entire campaign using only tanks, marine, medivacs and vikings.
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