So basically I play SC about twice a week when i'm at work 11:00 pm to around 4:00 am MDT (Colorado) Mon, Tuesday. Sometimes I might pop on when im not at work when I can't sleep late at night... sometimes..

Basically i'm Bronze but I do well against gold and silver... its weird, prob because I get high alot because my job is boring and next thing you know im getting attacked and ive got like 3000 min laying around... yano.. dumb !@#$... Still a noob at times but I hold my own.

Anyone here play late nights? or your time zone matches up and you need a playing partner hit me up. I only have one friend :(

Do not reply if you meet any of these criteria:
You use the word "l33t" more than once every 3 years
You buy rillos.... to actually smoke them
Your still in high school
You think im a chick
You don't go outside
Your Gluten Free

My Gamer Tag is
AnitaBlowski #633

Lets kill some time.
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