Death Star Assault Thread

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Greetings Community. Today We are going to play a Forum Game

The Death Star Assault Thread!

How its played is simple. If you fight for the Empire, and hate rebel scum, like this post. If you are the rebellion and fight for galactic freedom (and hate plastic boys) Dislike this post to counter-act the amount of imperial likes.

If this Death Star Thread survives for more than a week, The Empire has won, and all hope for the rebellion to win is lost.

Good Luck to everyone, let the war begin.

Porkins reporting.
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Crush the rebel scum!
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The Death Star's defences are designed around a large-scale assault. The empire does not consider snub-fighters to be much of a threat, otherwise they would have a much tighter defence.

In my opinion, the empire is quite good, except all of its ranking officers are shortsighted and cannot pinpoint weaknesses effectively. The sith, on the other hand, are amazing at their jobs as both lethal warriors and wise leaders. If it wasnt for that duncebucket Grand Moff Tarkin, the Death Star would live to die another day, and the rebellion would have been reduced to dust. But in his shortsightednes and overconfidence, he went down with thy planet-sized ship.

Empire For the Win.
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Nydus+ Swarm host coordination(locusts going in that nydus and out) and archon toilet to the death.
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