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stuck on initializing data

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stuck on initializing data after login, internet connection should be fine coz i can login D3.
another problem is, whenever I launched SC2, everything on my mac became extremely slow.

Macbook pro retina
os x 10.8.2
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CPU usage over 130
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Try forcing SC2 to repair and see if it has all its data.

Repairing StarCraft II
    1. Navigate to /Applications/StarCraft II/
    2. Delete the file
    3. Launch StarCraft II

This will force the game to see it is missing data and self repair.
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I have the very same problem and to be honest I am now completely fed up! This problem started on Thursday night and still no solution! I have reformatted my computer and reinstalled the system software, I reinstalled starcraft twice, Ive erased the Users/Shared/Battlenet folder and the Users/Shared/Blizzard folder, I erased the mpq file, and I've been back and forth with technical support with tickets after being on the phone with them. Now I'm being told to do things that I've already done: I reset my modem and router, I called my isp to ask them about opening ports (TWC does not close any ports!) I turned off my firewall, I uninstalled my virus software, I've repaired disk permissions, I've changed permissions on the Applications folder.....

BTW: I have no problems accessing world of warcraft, and I'm going to install diablo 3 now to see if I have any problems there. I will follow up...

I am convinced there is nothing that I can do to resolve this issue and the problem must be on your side Blizzard.
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I am stuck on it too. It gets stuck somewhere 1/4-1/2 done..
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My bad, I am running windows 8, not mac.
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I'm having the same issues

Tried the fix, but it didn't hlep

2011 Macbook Pro i7 w/ 10.8.2 installed
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My problem is resolved. It seems to have resolved itself. I did all the things I was told to do by Customer support with no results, they followed up and called me but I was able to log in about a half an hour before they called. I just tried it after playing Diablo for a bit and in I went.
Thank you
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This is something that we're investigating. I was made aware that your issue was fixed, but I still want the appropriate team to see what is happening during this process so we can troubleshoot accordingly or find a bug.
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I have the same problem now.. i was just given my beta key two days ago, and now it is stuck on initializing data. (I never actually played it after download until now)

On a mac.
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fixed by itself after I tried later
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Sorry for bump, but same issue is spotted on my machine.
Going to kill the game client and start it over again. Will post here about the investigation.
Last meaningful lines in the client log:

Queue 'root' Resource for delete
Deferred delete of 'versionroot' Resource completed
Database Remove: /agent/download
Deferred delete of 'updateroot' Resource
Queue 'download' Resource for delete
Deferred delete of 'updateroot' Resource completed
Deleting remaining resources
Deferred delete of 'createshortcut' Resource
Deferred delete of 'createshortcut' Resource completed
Deferred delete of 'uninstallroot' Resource
Deferred delete of 'uninstallroot' Resource completed
Deferred delete of 'installroot' Resource
Deferred delete of 'installroot' Resource completed
Deferred delete of 'root' Resource
Deferred delete of 'root' Resource completed
Deferred delete of 'download' Resource
Deferred delete of 'download' Resource completed

Client restart helped. Not an issue, minor bug tho.
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Im having the same issue. I was having issues with sc2 agent not running so i did a complete uninstall of the game and began to reinstall, when it was at playable, i attempted to log on and it did not connect to so i exited out and brought the window up to finish installation and now the launcher is stuck initializing. Please help
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