Sorry I came up with 2 of em I need to share them.

1. "Thats just like operating on a baneling. Its just waiting to blow up in your face."

2. "Use with A1 Creep Sauce."

3. "Banelings - We rock, roll and blow."

Sorry my perverted mind won't stop.

4. "KFC - Kentucky Firebat Cartel - We do chicken right."

5. "Colonial Beef Corporation - Don't ask where we got it." - There was a hatchery up the street... Was.

6. "Thats like being the Swedish Chef in the Koprulu Sector - You really don't want it to talk."

7. "That was a spider all right but it wasn't the Terran kind. Kill him before he wakes up."

8. "No sir that is not mud. Mud doesn't taste like honey."
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