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New to RTS; How do I start?

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I've played through the campaign and dabbled some in the training exercises. I have been playing against the AI on normal difficulty, and I know that there is a TON of room for my improvement. After watching some beginner videos, I became very discouraged at their level compared to mine. I want to become a solid player, but feel overwhelmed. I don't know where to start.

I like the idea of joining a clan/team. However, I don't want to just beg for help and have nothing to offer (other than my dashing good looks). I have tried watching Day9's newbie videos, and I feel like those are way ahead of my skill level.

Any helpful tips are greatly appreciated.
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would start with these:

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask. Learning to play SC2 is kind of like diving in the deep end, but once you grab a hold of the edge, you can start to swim out a bit :)

I would highly suggest that you either pick a race and stick to it for a while or play random for 20-50 games until you decide which race you would like to learn first. After that, learn a solid macro opening for each match up and work on safe, standard play for a while.
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Pretty much what ShaDoGI said. It takes some time to learn to play, but after learning some basics, you can improve pretty quickly.
If you'd like, I'd love to play with you some and help you if I can- I'm not available too often, and I'm only a gold level player, but I do enjoy helping people a lot, so just let me know if you're up for that! I'd be available pretty much every Sunday, and starting when marching band ends, almost every Saturday as well.

Edit: While there is a practice league, I actually recommend skipping it- the maps all have rocks in the middle to block early aggression, which forces the games into either air rushes, or extreme mass-fests that can often be decided in a single fight after 20-30 minutes of massing and doing nothing. Also, if I remember correctly, it's set at a slower speed, so once you come out of it, you'll still be underprepared for regular games.
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When you first start the game, your "competitive" 1v1 ranking is in "Practice League". Practice League is exactly what it sounds like, a place to practice without the worry of negative repercussions if you don't do well.

Playing a few games in the practice league can help tremendously. You learn a lot more from playing actual people than you do playing vs the AI. Also, picking a race and sticking with it is a really good idea. It allows you to improve much more quickly because you only need to learn the ins and outs of one race as opposed to three.
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