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Maltheism (RP)

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I snort;
"I'm fine."
I step over to the girl Jake had rescued, kneeling down;
"Need anything?"
I ask.
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Nobody can hate the Roach. Not even his enemies. Though I will probably soon tire of making fun of you.

BTW, I'm thinking about starting a new RP with one of three setups.

Gashyyr (RP): Fight as either a young Zerg Swarm or the Gashyyr Wasps in one of the Zerg's earliest struggles.

Breakout Redux: A remake of Breakout, a thread made by mad genius Smylez. Fight to prevent the Zerg from escaping a science facility.

Reaper (RP): Play as a Reaper in this survival/combat RP. Can you last a year and make it to freedom?
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Not now, or any time soon, we can only handle so many RPs. However, I like the third one the best. Reapers FTW!
Edited by Warhawk on 11/19/2012 7:52 PM PST
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I know. I'm just trying to decide so I can start development.
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I want to try Breakout, so the second.
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>I Decide to get back into roleplaying
>Join RP and participate for a week or so
>Life grabs me in a chokehold and I forget about it, returning to reading books/fanfics, playing games and listening to music after things calm down
>One day I decide to check up on the SCII forums, and I suddenly realize the RP I was in
>Return to find I have missed about 20 pages worth of crap, and I honestly can say I have no idea how to make an excuse for my character to be be standing around for that long.
Edited by Jake on 11/19/2012 8:18 PM PST
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Sleep mode. Glad to see you again. Maybe go find one that isn't so far along?
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I am leaving this Knarled... Long story and I am sorry.
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Huh? Oh, I thought it was dead anyways.
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Ugh, we are in that period of churning out RPs to see which ones are good and so far, none of them made it past 1 thread.

I'm pulling out too.
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Alright, is this truly dead then?
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Yes. Though I'm sad, because it didn't get to the good part. AGAIN.
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oh well... But I've got a (crazy) idea for an RP; Think a rough fusion of Pokemon and a lost Roman Legion...
Edited by Warhawk on 11/21/2012 3:02 PM PST
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I demand this be resurrected and given due justice.
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Posts: 26,989
Koro agrees! This deserves a second chance!
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Posts: 26,989
He continues to post! He wants it as badly as I do!
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I am sad that this didn't work out. I had such big plans for it...
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Bring it back! We can get to the good part this time!
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