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Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 14)

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PKA (Mine.)
Reckoning (Amounts to mine, by now)
Z&Z2 (Your point stands here, sorta)
Techsuit (Mine.)
FOCC (Kroger's, but it follows Poltergeist, so . . . mine)
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That's really, really sad.

Z&Z shall stand free forever!
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How exactly is that sad?
Did I miss something?
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I'm bach!

Well...for some time that is.

KNARLED!? Bring out the Vodkalings for no damn reason!
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OK! Never need an excuse for that.

*yells out door*


*vodkalings hug everyone and explode into lots of vodka*
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*Hides behind shield of rum.* Don't make me counterattack with Rumalisks.
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I'm trying to make the atmosphere into a better mood since I can only get on at specific times until we get internet back. And you are ruining all of the fun...
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Vhat? You don't like wodka!!


Russia wins.
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Wonder how many more plotholes exits I should do...
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Reckoning wouldn't be too hard to escape from, but we need you in Z&Z2.
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Random fun fact: A cow can produce approximately 80 to 100 liters of saliva per day.

I've been reading xkcd.
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There's so many things going on and I don't have the internet at my house where I can keep track of all of this.

And Knarled? I can keep track of everything anymore. And I would join your new RP if I didn't have problems already (You already know what they are).

And I'm half tempted to just leave PKA and Techsuit, maybe DH...

It's starting to get to much with what I can do right now.
I have to go now.
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PKA- nothing right now, we're warp jumping back. Just need some confirm post and we'll jump into the Abel mission.
Techsuit- you missed an earthquake, but that's all that concerns you.
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10/22/2012 01:33 PMPosted by Fantasy
Zaros his demon
"Again, I never use the demon in situations where it is him against another character without limiting his abilities. I know this is a little late to say."
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Not as good as mine in my opinion. Both were deleted by the mods. Still a good read.
Edited by smylez on 10/24/2012 7:24 PM PDT
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Yours were deleted by the mods?!?
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It was a good run.
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Wait... which ones? The Stand didn't get deleted, did it?
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Nah, they were both in general. It was a lurker/swarmhost thread and a carrier/tempest thread.

I should get back to that one day in the weekends. That and Ascension...

What are we waiting for on Maltheism?
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