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hahah, Honestly guys, I dont know how many mappers there are anymore, I hope that there are tons of mappers that just dont stay active with the community. But if this community is going to have any chance we need to Congregate in a location.

I vote the Sc2Mapster IRC

Right now Everywhere seems soo strung out, that new mappers have no one to learn from hardly, Its bad when I am being asked... im not that great of a mapper haha.

We need to pull together so we can pick this community back up on its feet.

If you dont want the place the be mapster then name the place. I can have multiple IRC channels up.

It needs to be Live Chat though.

If we dont do this, then we are all screwed.
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Even though recently I've been on IRC lots, I do the vast majority of my communication with other mappers on Skype. It's nice because we don't have to rely on websites to transfer files, and these days you can share your screen on there (1on1) for free.

I'd post my skype name here, though it's my real name so I don't know if it's breaking the forum code of conduct, so PM me in IRC if you want to add me on skype.

Random thought: It would be cool if there were chatrooms on the SC2 site, that way we'd be able to communicate with a lot more people I think. And realtime is better than forum posts when you're looking for an answer right away.

I considered suggesting a channel in sc2 - but obviously for us mappers we can't test our maps if SC2 is open, so that wouldn't work out well.
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I'm not a huge fan of sc2mapster, mainly because of Curse.

I think the map making community is very much alive, but aren't active in the forums, ect.

My guess is there will be many new maps over the next year. Hopefully some of those big projects people have dumped hundreds of hours into will surface.
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uhhh, where are you looking?

and if they are not active on forums and chatrooms then they are not helping the community...

A community ANY community only works if the Veteran Members, Pass their Knowledge onto others. So if they cant pass their knowledge, then what?

If people dont like curse, then why down we start our own IRC channel or something? doesnt have to be a forum, HiveKeepers, The Helper anything could be used and I would be more then happy to switch if it ment a more active community.
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I've just noticed there has been some new maps with dedicated creators showing up lately.

There's already plenty of info on galaxy editor, everything you need to know to get started is there for you.
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Hundreds of hours, you're being generous.
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Ehh... Curse doesn't really have much to do with the site other than the fact that they host it (and it runs on their proprietary software). Otherwise, Mapster is my baby, and the reason it's still around, is exactly what you said, Shadow, the fact that all the information is still there, and the veteran members help out the newbies.
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Best chance at tightly uniting the majority of mappers would be for Blizzard to add some sort of tool themselves. Otherwise, I think the majority of mappers know and use SC2Mapster anyway.

I know it is impossible, but wouldn't it be the coolest thing if Blizzard made it so we could edit the same maps at the same time?
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My mistake then, I always thought Curse had an influence over some of the sites they host, like diablofans
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