StarCraft® II

This is Their Story: Chapter III

"Same here, I seen similar things really mess up psychics before, but never this bad. As for viewing the memory, I have no idea how, nor do I want to."
I say.
"Well, it was a thought, but I see your point. Mind seeing when the others are getting in here?"
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I step out, hearing the first part of the conversation. "Jared. Are there any smaller vehicles here? Or anything besides the APC?"
"Not that I've seen. Course I haven't looked too hard either. We could check now."
"Alright." The tone of my voice seems... Hollow. In a sense, I am speaking, with reason, but no feeling.
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I work my way out and head for the one section of the Chop Shop I haven't looked in, opening the garage door and finding...
DM: An Earthen Model A-225 Quad-Bike "Ranger". Runs on hydrogen, pretty fast, but no armor what-so-ever. There is a PDW-class(Personal Defense Weapon)SMG sitting on the seat. The T-90-"TacFire", a compact SMG, it fires hollow point rounds, and has a very high rate of fire. Can also be set into Semi-Auto mode to increase accuracy/power at long ranges.

IC: "Anything in there?"
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"Another quad and a couple SMGs. I've seen and used the models before. One doubles for longer range."
"Alright. I'll take it." I say taking one of the smaller SMGs. "I'm going alone, it's not fair to destroy the futures of people who want to make something of their lives, if I don't die, I'll come back..." I say as I sit on one.
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Blasted ninjas...


IC: I look the other one over and shake my head. "Someone else can use that one." Then I look at Kain. "You aren't going alone. It's suicide to go alone."
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IC: "Thanks." I start slow and drive out of the garage.
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Seemes like you three have made a decent 100,000 posts.
occ: why have i lived this long?
I start up the other one and follow. 'I'll go with. Stefan, mind keeping watch on the sensors?"
Well hello to you too, sir.

IC: I put down my visor and integrate my HUD to the dashboard and systems of the ATV, so I can see the fuel or any hull damage of any kind of status I would need to know.
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"Can do, if you'd point them out to me."
I say with a chuckle.
"Main computer room in the Chop Shop. Just watch the wires, they like to bite." I chuckle at the joke. "Oh and watch the feeds from the Buzzards, they'll be your extended eyes and ears."
"Alright, will do."
I head into the shop and set up a wireless link from my HUD to the comp.
I rev the engine and pull up alongside Kain. "Which way we going?"
"South, that's the direction it went." I take a right turn and go out past the bushes.
I follow, pulling out Fury II and resting it in the quickdraw holster. "I really hope the pilots died."
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