In my quest to figure out what 1.5's User Types/Data has to offer, I have stumbled upon what seem to be at least a couple bugs.

1.When using the trigger "Save User Data Instance" the bank defined to save to is wiped clear and then the section and key which appear in the bank file is completely empty, even though non-default user type data is attempting to be saved. (It's my understanding that default User Type data is not saved to conserve space in banks, so I wanted to make sure you understood that I'm not trying to save a default value.)

2.Similar to the above, when using the trigger "Save User Data Type" the non-default data is not saved, however the difference is that the bank file is modified/updated correctly and does not remove existing content.

3.I have also noticed that if I use the trigger "Save User Data Instance" that I cannot update the bank files that it accessed during that same gameplay. It's like that trigger takes exclusive access to that bank file once used."