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So, Selendis is HOT~

~do you suppose I stand a chance with her?

Halt! Let's say that sentence in a more formal manner.

Do you think Selendis, the sole female High Executor of the protoss, will make more appearance in the future campaign of the Swarm?

Let's put it this way. There're going to be ZERG. A lot of them. And I doubt Selendis would sit and watch on the sideline when there's infestation going around.

I persuaded rebel commander James Raynor to side with Selendis on Haven (and purged the whole planet, including the hypocritical doctor lady Hanson).
That has to count for something.
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11/04/2012 08:11 PMPosted by FerikJoker
hypocritical doctor lady Hanson

That's debatable, but I have to say this: the endings to that mission do not affect how the campaign in HotS will play out.

As to answer your question, yes. Yes I do think that Selendis would take some convincing from Jim Raynor and Zeratul to keep Kerrigan alive.I didn't really think about it until this point, but I think Selendis will act like Aldaris in this regard and just not trust Kerrigan. She will attack Kerrigan where she can.
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Well, we all saw how that ended for Aldaris, so we'll see how it ends for Selendis. Even Artanis would see reason.
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And the rest of the random heroes we saw in the mini protoss campaign. Aldaris had actually be right though (about Kerrigan), though he kind of went about it the wrong way.
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11/04/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Thecommander
That's debatable, but I have to say this: the endings to that mission do not affect how the campaign in HotS will play out.

That sounds final. Where did you get this information?
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Assumption I suppose. The two endings for the Dr. Hanson and Tosh story lines do not have a canon ending per say. Blizzard wanted to make the choices of the player matter so they let both ending be canon, but let one ending hold higher canon then the other. For instance, saving the colonists is higher canon then burning the planet and helping Tosh is higher canon then helping Nova. I just assume that they wouldn't want to screw that up, so they won't carry over Tosh or Dr. Hanson, nor their Dr. Hanson's effects on Selendis.
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I actually remember them saying that they want to have your decisions affect HotS, but not in a severely plot changing way.
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I don't know. Maybe. I don't remember that, but announcements is one of the few Starcraft things I pay little attention to.
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