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Fact: The average Protoss has 4x the IQ of Einstien.

Fact: Zerglings are the fastest animal to ever be discovered by humans.

Fact: Ghost Operatives display the same behavior Serial Killers do before going on a killing spree.

Fact: Arcturus Mengsk suffers from explosive diarrhea.

Fact: Ulralisks are 3x larger than Tyranosauros Rex was.

Fact: The only known way to kill Zerg "Creep" is to starve it of nutrients from the main Hive Cluster. Reports confirm Nuclear Bombs detonating on "Creep", without destroying a single square inch of it.

Fact: Vikings were originally created as advanced SCVs meant to harvest minerals from remote locations before flying back and depositing them into a Command Center.

Fact: The Zerg Swarm has created 30% more life than it has destroyed.

Fact: There has been a Protoss Observer within Earth's atmosphere since the year 103 CE

Fact: Human life was actually a Protoss expirament gone wrong. Ancient Greek and Egyptian "Gods" were actually Protoss scientists coming back to observe Human life.

Fact: The Zerg were actually an unusually peaceful tribe of worms before the Xel'Naga interfered.

Fact: Baneling acid contains the same molecular breakdown as Gold.

Fact: Arcturus Mengsk insisted that every Banshee pilot undergo a plastic surgery that would increase their breast size "to a sufficient level".
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11/13/2012 11:42 PMPosted by FerikJoker
Fact: Arcturus Mengsk insisted that every Banshee pilot undergo a plastic surgery that would increase their breast size "to a sufficient level".

It's for their own safety. Airbags and all.

Fact: Zerglings are all left-handed.
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Fact: Snipers do not aim to snipe and the bullets do not pierce armor.
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Fact: Stimpacks cause erectile dysfunction.
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Fun Fact: The drone is the only zerg unit that has a soul, and has been confirmed to feel love.

Fun Fact: While the official word from the Protoss hierarchy is that immortals were soldiers who were mortally wounded and recovered to be re-built cybernetically, recent evidence has come to light suggesting that they are the protoss equivalent of "rapers", and that the removal of their body and their imprisonment in their metal shells is actually the protoss version of castration.

Fun Fact: Protoss structures have long been theorized about in regards to the metal they are made out of. The templar caste recently went on record stating that the structures are made of "science. And magic. Well, like 70 percent magic and like 30 percent magic."

Fun Fact: The thor pilot is actually not Austrian, but rather a man from northern Nebraska who is obsessed with the Terminator films.

Fun Fact: The zerg infestor has serious intimacy issues, and has a hard time letting anyone get close.

Fun Fact: SCV pilots are world-renowned alcoholics, and though it is rarely shown, the cockpit is usually filled to at least their ankles with their own vomit.

Fun Fact: Mutalisks flap their wings in space because it's fun.

Fun Fact: The protoss reaver was noticeably absent from WoL, due to a long stay in a rehabilitation center after suffering through a rocky and extensive addiction to sleeping pills.

Fun Fact: Marauders are the only units portrayed as black men in WoL, with the exception of the ghost Tosh. When asked for comment on this racial discrepancy, they stated it was "an unacceptable racial discrepancy that must be addressed as soon as possible, or we will have no recourse but to stage a protest on the morrow".

Fun Fact: Marauders are also the only terran units with a college diploma. The next highest educated terran unit is the Raven, who has never actually attended college but was built from the neural pathways of someone who often snuck into college classrooms to urinate publicly.

Fun Fact: Zealots fear nothing in this world except commitment and dolls.
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11/13/2012 10:06 PMPosted by Orion
Fact: Nova is hot.

Not really. Her beady little eyes are too close together, and she's also kind of a !@#$.
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Fast fact: Immortal walker machines can still operate autonomously without a pilot, The "operator" is just for show, the fish does more to influence the device.

Sad fact: Voidray Pilots are of the least intelligent Protoss.

Fun fact: Probes receive love letters from Ultralisks every day.
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Vikings are actually transformers who got lost on their way to the earth
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Fact: The original purpose of the overmind was to merge DNA from all sorts of creatures to create the most smokin' hot babe ever. It failed.

Fact: Ultralisks can only close their claws, they lack the muscles to open them. The overmind had infested terrans put giant springs under their arms to enable them to open their arms.

Fact: zerglings are fed caffine constantly in the egg, and are deprived of it once hatched. They are constantly looking for coffee.

Fact: marines are all given an asset number on their suites. Through a computer error, the number is 34 for every marine.

Fact: the mothership is actually a mother ship. It was originally the birthing center for protoss.
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Fun fact: In Alpha 3.4.5066709 Infestors had a fourth ability called the "I win Button". When pressed, the Infestor says: "Well that was easy!" and the opposing player's game is crashed.

Ironically, Dustin Browder and David Kim left the ability as it was until the beta was released, citing an internal tournament statistic of 0% winrate for all races.
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Damn you indigo, and your ninja edits makin' me talk nonsense.
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11/14/2012 11:08 AMPosted by GameOfDrones
Damn you indigo, and your ninja edits makin' me talk nonsense.


Another fun fact: The Marauder was created to replace the Ninja, a melee Terran unit due to complaints of overly-violent graphics when the Ninja beat Zerglings to death with nun-chucks.
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Fun Fact: statistics show that the Infestor is so imbalanced, it has resulted in a 104.42% winrate for zerg. Somehow, the infestor not only wins every ZvP and ZvT, but it also inexplicably has won several PvTs, and, in one very unfortunate case, a TvT.
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fact: overlords love coffee.
fact: the best assassins in the galaxy play with dolls.
fact: the crew of battlecruisers are so loyal they will follow any order by the captain, even if its to shoot there own allies.
fact: reapers have part-time jobs as pizza delivery men.
fact: warhounds now spend all there time dancing.
fact: the oracle was originally a disco ball that would allow people to cloak in parties, allow men to Preordain the girls restroom and entombed food to prevent people from eating too much and becoming overweight.
fact: david kim is being constantly neural parasited to prevent zerg nerfs.
fact: dustin browder is secretly making an expansion called starcraft 2 rocks of doom.
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