Marine D Perfection

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I searched the forums and there is one post on this ums...from 2010. Is there anyone working on making a Marine D Perfection??
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I have no idea what "Marine D Perfection" is. As far as I know, its "how to defend like a pro with marines against a bunch of zerg/toss/whatever."

Details on what Marine D Perfection is?
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A ums from starcraft...6 players...rectangular map...use rines or other units to make mazes and defend against units with civs inbetween were able to turn the "lights" off or on to stack units...any leaks went around the rectangle

Im probably missing some things, but it was my favorite defense game back in the good ol days
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yea i miss all those defense games

there wasn't any lights on/off to this game
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star photon d would be a nice comeback also, but marine d p was the bees knees
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man the first time i went online i was expecting all the classic games

was desappointed lol
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These maps were really nice...for starcraft 1. Now that we see and know how good can be the editor, we expect to have something a little more epic. I know however that some maps, their design, can stay very close to what it was in sc1. But in general you need a few changes since the game mechanics are not the same.

For example the pathing, no units in sc2 will come back where they are from like in sc1 when units get a little stuck on your defence. This was annoying, but somehow interesting because you had to care about walling.

The upgrade mechanics are slightly harder to manipulate in the sc2 editor than in the sc1 editor. The result can be either much better or much more buggy. This probably depends of your skills with the editor.

The Light On/Off for starcraft 1 to allow players to stack buildings while not seeing and having to light on right before wave starts was also something interesting. Right now with the editor it is just a flag to remove collision with buildings and bam you can stack buildings.

The power required to play such game also is much more different. In sc1, a simple Pentium 2 could easily run Marine D Perfection. In Sc2, such a map would take alot of power when the wave starts and all the units attack. Yes you could simply press hold and wait for the lag to stop at the end of the wave, but still... not best at all.

So ya, I don't want to break your dream from seeing Marine D Perfection on sc2, but does it really worth the time investment? Personally, I'm not sure if I would play it. Maybe. But I think I would create the map as only hope to be better with the editor and do more awesome stuff.

Anyway, good luck ^^
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This map wouldn't be difficult to make... If somebody actually bothered to make it.

I've suggested time and time again that Blizzard offer rewards for remaking, in a modern version, a whole slew of classic maps that costumers want to see. It never got anywhere.

You see 4-5 threads about this a month now and you'd see 20+ a month threads asking where their favorite map was 2 years ago.
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yea but sunken, joker d, maze d

so many d
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