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[Discussion] Forest 'EXTREME SURVIVAL!!'

Has anybody played this game with reasonable success? Usually I can hold out with the robot walker until zerglings come and/or one or more of my teammates dies and I am overrun. I haven't been able to try anything but marines/upgrades as my teammates almost always die within a few minutes.

Edit: Just got a run where the teammates were nice enough to leave when they died to stop spawning their waves. I got all the way through the infestor round until my alt tabbing caused me to die. I startedL

- Raynor hero
- 1 rax
- 2 bunkers
- 8 marines

This left me with 0 minerals. My next buy was the napalm depot, then 2 firebats which I placed behind the 2 bunkers until I could get a third bunker. firebats occupy the center, marines in the other bunkers on either side of the firebats. Raynor could essentially tank everything by standing a bit outside of the bunkers regenerating to full easily. After that I went for gunner research, and made 2 stand behind the bunkers. Just watch out for the infestors... if they get close enough they'll spawn infested terrans which can easily destroy the bunkers within seconds. I only wrote this up because it seems people don't know how this game works and die within minutes. (on easy) Hope it helps.
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No success on this one for me. I get just a little further then you do but die on the round of Queens with close to 30 or so left. Always get over run never able to grab any of the new upgrades provided.
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I've had a little success with it, but can't make it through the queens. Have bought the vulture only to use it to distract things. Seems useless for anything else.

Edit - Well this map seems to be an epic fail. I can't get a game anymore unless I'm lucky enough to get a few people willing to wait until the lobby fills - sometimes 10 mins or more. I can't imagine what this game is like on hard. Build your bunkers and see if you can make round 1?

The game goes from manageable to dead in just a round or 2, and it takes about 35 minutes to get there, so trying new strategies is an insanely time consuming affair. Good idea in theory, not so good in practice.
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I'm back because I like the map, but it needs some balancing. I looked up the stats and the game was only played 24 times last week. Easy is too hard for the average player and they are all getting frustrated and leaving. I've played more than a couple of times and think the map is fun, it's just too hard, and as I said before the place I can't get past is 35 minutes into the game so trying different things is ridiculously time consuming.

I think this could be a great map if it had a little balancing - nerfing.

Edit: I'm at 1 hour and 38 minutes or so. I'm going to have to quit my job so I can beat this thing lol. Still can't find a game.
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SERIOUSLY? Is it just me or are the opening waves harder? Made a snap judgement on the version change, but I'm going to play a little before I wig out lol.
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FFS. Nerfed the player? NO ONE PLAYS THIS AS IT IS!!!!!!!!!
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Hey guys, I am the Creator of the game "PuffCaKE" there have been a lot of bug fixes since then. hope you enjoy!

also, Raynor is the best hero, if you get one barracks, 4 marines, one repair tower and one bunker you get passed first 3 waves...
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Is there supposed to be an end? Or does it just bug out after the second hybrid wave?
Also are you aware that player 1 and 2s units have double the life of player 3 and 4s units? Also 1 and 2 have fewer creep spawns for the first few waves.
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i've made it to the brutalisk round... it is impossible ... the round before of hydras killed most of my stuff
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There is a bug, in the game lobby, where player 3 and 4 are set to a handicap of 50%, before the game starts, change that manually and it will solve your problem.

Great game PuffCaKe, i can see alot of effort went into this, looking forward for the finished version.
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So I got to the end where it glitched or something. Waves of hybrids, lings, infested terrans, brutalisks. Had about 9 siege tanks and a CC to hold the line with my Immortal tanking the damage out front and psi disruptor to slow things down. Had to use the crashed ship's special ability for a few saves here and there.

But yes, this needs better balance. Definitely doable, just make sure you save up for the heavy hitting stuff.

At the end, it kept telling me that tier 3 is unlocked, but I couldn't build anything from tier 3. Also, after one wave, the number left to spawn just kept getting more and more negative. No further units came I quit.
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Ya same thing happened to me too. The end is bugged, the units dont spawn anymore and tier 3 can't be unlocked for some reason. If you can fix these stuff the game should become 5 stars with some polishing and add something to do while the creeps are being killed, cuz at the end creeps waves take really long time to kill. Other than that gg.
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I've never had to use my special, I choose Super Firebats and then make two bunkers with a repair tower. Then I get reapers and put them in my bunker and keep getting more reapers so long as I can afford them because you can always sell them back. Then after Infestors I build my CC and replace my bunkers between them and keep getting tanks. The game is actually quite easy for me if no one kills me.

I would like to see better income for some units. For example why am I getting +1 income for Queens. How about a boot vote option?
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Yeah Ive gotten real far. Way past the queens. Got to build tanks and thors. Here is what upset me. it glitched and never opened up tech 3 buildings. Also, waves got loooooooong and monotonous. The biggest kicker was when my friend left and it was just me, I got control of his units, cool...but the next wave would never start! Its still playing and has started. Wish I knew who to contact to let them know. Game has potential, but very buggy
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game just ends and the unit count goes negative dont waste ur time playing. 2 hours in and thats how it ends....
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game just ends and the unit count goes negative dont waste ur time playing. 2 hours in and thats how it ends....

exactly what he said. pretty disappointing. if this puffcake wasn't 14 he would have finished the source code. maybe someone will take the game and tweak it and give it some challenge.
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just thought I would let people know that the map FES is not being updated, due to some publishing issues with blizzard BUT there is another map called
so if you want to play a newer version search for that name.
which is mostly bug free and will continue to be updated.
I have also balanced the hero's somewhat.

Thank you.
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Just beat the map today, after about 4 failed attempts. Just on easy though, I have not try the other difficulty. But to me there is only one optimal way and if you stray too far from optimum, you'll die. Probably not worth replaying once you figure out the optimal composition. There are two versions and play the newer one, the old one seems to be broken.


Best Tier 1 unit: Assault Gunner

Best Tier 2: Thor

Tier 3: Best DPS Unit: Colossus / Best Tank Unit: Archon / Best DPS building: Twilight Council / Best Tank Building: Cybernetic Core
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