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I didn't bring any superweapon units, so there is still hope for someone to survive.
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lol, just prepare to be nerfed/denied
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I'm expecting it.
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Not likely as he did play it fair. I don't even have a small army. I have an army of T.W.O
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Can we use campaign units? Pleeeeeeease

I love the vulture... and the goliath...

Plus it would make sense if we could use merc units from the campaign... and the diamondback.. hmm... I love the campaign...
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I'm pretty sure you can use them
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I hope so:)))
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All units are available, not just custom. Did you not see smylez's post?
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Not just custom? So... Okay, I got this...

I want to be a merc group AND a dominion company :(

Sadly, I understand if I cant.
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You could. I'm only both to help TC out. Rave and Jake are Mercs, though ironically, Rave's a spectre.
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Oh, forgot to say (Assumed). I am Merc
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lol, that is kinda Ironic. Okie Dokie, I'll post my armies and then I'm off to finish my studies.
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Zarkun that doesn't tell me much. I'll wait for TC to give the response to my question.
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Ok, the Crash was I think...a few years before The Invasion. I do believe this one is like, 5 or six years after Invasion.
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No, this takes place around the time of The Invasion (I'm assuming it's The Invasion: Redux) as the thecommander states:

11/01/2012 10:35 AMPosted by Thecommander
half the Dominion is probably at Char right now.

I doubt Jester's faction will be accepted as this is rather strict on SC lore.
Edited by smylez on 11/1/2012 3:42 PM PDT
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Possibly, we'll see.
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Hmm, which means that mine will probably not be accepted either, not like it matters since I don't have anything.
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Edited by MarkusDaWise on 11/6/2012 9:25 AM PST
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Mercs are only allowed 200. It's in the OP. And all dominion units report to Admiral Ravanov, aka, me.
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Edited by MarkusDaWise on 11/6/2012 9:25 AM PST
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