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How do you make it so the host can't start a lobby of your custom map until each team has at least 1 player on it?
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11/01/2012 12:04 PMPosted by Soulzek
How do you make it so the host can't start a lobby of your custom map until each team has at least 1 player on it?
I took a look into the Player Properties, Game Attributes and Game Variants as I figured that would be the best way to find an answer to your question. I cannot find a way within those areas to achieve what you’re asking. Since I cannot find a way to do it easily, since if it were possible it would be easy, than I can only guess that it’s not currently possible. From my experience I don’t think it has ever been possible even with the original StarCraft.

My suggestion would be to simply handle this issue with triggers.
Host can start lobby without each team having at least 1 player.
Should the game begin without each team having at least 1 player than a trigger automatically ends the game with defeat, victory, draw or something.
** I believe an If-Then-Else Trigger Action would be best for this like so  If Team 1, 2, 3, and 4 has >= 1 player  Then Proceed with game as normal  Else End Game For All Players
**** Please note that I’m not explaining complete details with my trigger example. In my example I would be using Functions which I’ve already implemented into my editing and possibly other variables.
With my suggestion it would basically force a remake for the lobby if someone decided to start the game too soon. This has good and bad repercussions but it is one way to get the job done that I can think of for you. You could even add an addition to the End Game trigger that displays text for everyone informing them they need a full lobby, a short wait and then let the End Game trigger fire.

I hope this helps you Soulzek and in the future please tag threads like these with [Help] in the topic title.

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