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What Unit Are You?

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According to this quiz, I am an SCV. That sucks. I felt more like a Raven, exceptional in only a few situations. Also just sits in front of a computer all day.

That quiz is BS :-P

I'd probably be a Zealot. Trying to be honorable, but kinda lazy until I get charged up.
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You stand tall as the mighty colossus. You merely walk over any obstacle, and purge the enemy.
lol the quiz told me this : P
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I live in the middle of nowhere, I do crazy stuff, and im a pretty fast runner so i guess a zergling :D
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I got the SCV as well - I think everyone who plays macro games will get the SCV.
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I'd say I'm an SCV. That test also says I'm an SCV. My portrait says I'm the head SCV guy, who had a suit that was a mix between an SCV and a Marauder. I might switch to the Marauder portrait sometime in the future, since I think it looks cool.
Though, I still have a little bit of Zealot in me, enjoying getting up-close and personal with an enemy (in general, not specifically SC2).
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ima zergling
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Thor, because I have a moustache and wear COOL sunglasses while listening to powermetal.

Maybe a little Marauder because I almost lost my fingers a couple times in work-related incidents.
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The Immortal. Stubborn. Powerful. An ancient breed of warrior. (Soon none will remain?!)

But really I'm the Executor: Supreme Commander of the Protoss fleet.
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im a viking. im tough, good vs everything and can adapt to the situation.
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lol the drone guy... that made me laugh.

I'd say sentry. Small but try to use tactics and intelligence to swing things in my favor. I also dont hit very hard...
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I am a Lurker, I lurk in forums and never post.
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I am a carrier....pointless and irrelevant except in very rare instances and when I do show one pays attention to me because I am pointless and irrelevant.
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Big, ugly, intimidating.

Constantly getting shot down before I get anywhere.
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I'm an Archon!
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I'm an Observer.

mostly a pacifist and easy to overlook.
also I don't even play SC2 anymore, I just like to watch.
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I'm a Vulture. Fast rude and don't give a ......
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I'd be a high templar; kinda slow and fragile, but I have a deep burning desire to smite my enemies with lightning.
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Archon. Used to be normal size, found beer, became massive :D
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