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I'm trying to create an upgrade that has a max level of 255 and increases hydralisk damage by 1 each level while also increasing the cost of the upgrade.

Below is a screenshot of what I did.

However, When I click the upgrade the damage doesnt show as increasing by 1. The weapon level doesnt increase by 1 nor does the upgrade cost.

What am I missing?

I mostly followed this guide. http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/starcraft-ii-editor-help-zone-647/255-upgrades-175887/index2.html

Thank you!
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Well, it's impossible to say for certain since your data is cut off by the edge of the column (and you clearly had plenty of room to widen it), but it doesn't look like you did anything wrong in configuring the upgrade object. But, I sort of have to assume for example that the property of the ability which you modify is in fact a cost, for example.

In any case--actually was your map even saved? I'm not sure whether modifications to the map will apply if you test it without saving. I see a lot of asterisks in you screenshot-- how sure are you that you hooked up the upgrade to the command card of, presumably, the Command Bio Dome? For instance if you paste all your same upgrade data into a standard upgrade (e.g. grooved spines) and then research that upgrade during testing your map, maybe it will work as expected. That would mean you did the upgrade right and mixed something up with the ability or the command card. Also, since you have the Cheat flag enabled, I believe the cheat code iamironman will apply your upgrade (as well as pretty much all the standard ones), which is another way to check whether your upgrade object is the source of the problem, but less reliable because I'm not certain I know the rules there.
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Thank you for your reply TheFed.

I tried your suggestion and it seems that I am doing something wrong someplace other than the upgrade.

Here is the first half of the ability.

Here is the second half. Something weird is going on here. I can't find the correct ability (circled). I think I renamed (and re-IDed) the "Command Bio Dome - Research (Command Bio Dome)" and what is being shown there is the old ability name. I'm not sure if this is causing the problem.

Here is the command card and unit.
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Well... I couldn't see anything wrong so I tried to reproduce the problem, and I managed to. What's happening for me is there seems to be a de facto limit of 127 on the max level of an upgrade. If it's higher it just doesn't have any effect... 0 likewise. So for now you'll have to either settle for a max level of 127 or gimp together a goofy system.

If you observe how the standard weapon upgrades (e.g. terran infantry weapons) have separate level 1, 2, and 3 upgrades that each have a max level of 1, well the associated research ability uses requirements to control which one of those is available at any given time. You could use a similar system with a max level of 127 on each of two upgrades that appear identical to the player, for an annoying effective max of only 254, or use three with different caps if you reallly want 255 exactly, or something like that. If it were my map, I'd probably just settle for the 127 limit and work with it.

@devs, should any of you read this: I also notice that the data editor mods values for upgrade max level in excess of 255 by 256 (and when I enter 257 in xml view, in-game it functions as a max level of 1), even though the nominal range is <xx .. xx> which I have generally understood to denote an indefinite range. Accidental signed byte?
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