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Rotate Minimap

I am looking to rotate the minimap for a player to 180 degrees of normal

any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated
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As far as I know mate it is not possible - it is something that has been suggested to us but I could never implement - and I forgot to ask Blizzard for it. I presume it would theoritically be possible but would require a native function from Blizzard.

It might be wise to bump your post Monday morning in case it is lost off the first page, but I doubt it :) If I remember I will link the reps to this post because I am interested in an answer as well.
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thanks for the interest, rotating the minimap would be extremely useful in the game i am making (starcraft version of battleship :D). It could also be useful for rpg's where when moving a unit the minimap could be zoomed in to the unit, and rotate the direction the unit is looking.

here's hoping blizzard likes the idea too.
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have you tried the dialogs? use the minimap template then rotate it...
Some minimap features wont work on dialogs.
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It would be better if there was a custom function to do it, because at least for my project I need all minimap functions available.

This has been said to us many times that our second team should have the camera rotated by 180 - so in _your_ view, regardless what team you are on it is always on the left - which is what we want to do (because then it matches the dynamic UI).

However, if we do that then the minimap is "upside-down" for the second team which leads to all kinds of bad problems (we actually implemented this for a couple of tests). It might not be possible to have a dynamically rotating minimap from a unit rotation point of view (which can theoritically be implemented) as it might take too long to implement vs other things that are badly needed ... but ...

I honestly would just be really happy with a single 180 rotation (or even pushing it to 90 degree rotations), because then that would theoritically fit in the UI (even though the minimap isn't a perfect square for 90).
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11/11/2012 04:10 AMPosted by Dogmai
It might not be possible to have a dynamically rotating minimap from a unit rotation point of view (which can theoritically be implemented)

As far as the rotating minimap for an RPG goes, it is simply theoretical, i haven't tried it yet, but i figure that it should be possible to set the minimap settings to a region (via the set camera bounds trigger) then move the region to a unit whenever the unit moves (probably a periodic event) then the minimap would update for that. and the rotating, would just be gravy for a thing like that.

the map would basically look similar to a call of duty map where your character is always at the center of the minimap but the minimap therefore moves with, and rotates with your hero.
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I have tried hooking this up as a Panel within a dialog.

Dialog - Hooks up an existing Panel in the standard UI called "UIContainer/ConsoleUIContainer/MinimapPanel/Minimap"

And although this can be resized etc, it cannot be rotated.

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