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Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 2)

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I did not read Devroy Manufacturing. I don't read most stories, ever since Jay the Ghost was discontinued.

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Jay the Ghost? That sounds like a funny story xD
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*kicks Markus's tail out the door*
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*pounds on the door*

"No, no I was only joking! I enjoyed that story myself!"
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Post story will read till then back to HeLa
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I start to board up the door, making sure to use nano steel nails.
" better not let him in for what he just did, joking or not."
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*glares supiciously at door*

All right, then. But don't make such inappropriate jokes in the future.

*opens door*
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"I'm innocent! I was only explaining my curiosity for a name that could be so easily related to J.J. the Jetplane!"

[door opens]

"Thank you, thank you!"

So how much of the story should I post? Keep in mind, I have written six pages and 4k words.
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I boot KO and Markus out the door. "BLASPHEMERS!"
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*orders many kegs of a little bit of everything run thru the accelerator for a week and walks over to the blue box* "hmmm I wonder if I should go in and help"
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11/12/2012 06:28 PMPosted by Zarkun
I boot KO and Markus out the door. "BLASPHEMERS!"
"May I get the nails and boards so we can board up the door?" I then look at Morph. "You're making him drink that since that's a waste of drinks?"
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I sigh. "You gotta stop kicking the customers out, Zarkun." A crack is heard in the booth. "Ow. Finally managed to pop my shoulder."
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My comp is being blasphemous

I peek into the police box then quickly turn around eyes wide. "Might want to hurry with those drinks gonna need 'em after that party." I then pull out a P90 and charge into the police box. I stick my head back out. "Wait make who drink what?"
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I'm glad Im not the only one who gets confused by CR every now and then.

No offence intended btw.
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Are you coming back to DH or not?
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Give me a little direction and I'll keep with it. It can be a hard RP to follow with all the subplots and stuff. Not to mention my guy is not really fit to do... well.. really anything xD
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Actually, we've had two newcomers, both run of the mill humans. So join back up! We've just started a mission and are about to protect a town from a zombie attack.
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"Mark post something in DH and get ur story done I wants read it." I then turn back into the police box as the sound of laser beams and gatlin' guns is heard.
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I shake my head, sipping my drink. "Well, glad to see we're surviving."
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I glance out of the bar, and notice a random tree growing in the area near the bar. Its leaves are a dark red and a light yellow, the bark is pitch-black, with purple fruit growing.
"Uh, zarkun? We might have a pest problem soon."
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