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Because of our level of custom UI, we have quite a few art assets that need to be localized. While I know generally, this is a no-no, we did it anyways :)

So what I would really like is a function to be able to retrieve a player's localization (koKR,enGB etc) via string.

This is kind of a very important thing for our project - as having a dialog pop-up asking players to select their language is going to diminish the gameplay experience and make our project look tacky.

The Assets.txt file as far as I know will only override default UI elements;

As we need the ability to be able to set our own created language variable to an integer based upon a player's localization - as we have not only images but also custom voice overs that need to change on a per player basis. The majority of our UI is Dialog based, and we need to be able to change the Dialog Items for each locale.

Also, would it be possible to change the Arcade's Screenshots (Uploaded Images) on a locale by locale basis. As we are not uploading pure screenshots, but more like Diagram ways on how to play, with quite a bit of text, it would be nice if we could show Korean players the Korean text and the Taiwanese players the Chinese text without having to have two sets of images and then getting hostile feedback over who we put first, etc.

Also, we are still having the problems with the minimap icons not showing up post Patch 1.4.

Case in point;
http://www.dogmai.org/tofu.jpg - Before patch 1.4
http://www.dogmai.org/tofu2.jpg - After patch 1.4

The data values are 'correct' and have not been touched for over a year. We have double checked everything our end and could not find a problem, so if you guys find a solution, it would be much appreciated. We have also noticed that this ONLY affects units, and not doodads, as our doodads with custom minimap icons still work correctly.

Thanks a bunch :)
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Hi Dogmai,

1) I'm assuming you want to support these localized assets for your map because you're publishing it in multiple regions with localized clients that support these languages? The good news is that you shouldn't need to do any kind of locale checks or swap assets via trigger like you've outlined. Instead, we have support in place in our archive hierarchy which will automatically override assets with the appropriate localized assets for a client when those assets:

  • Have the same name as the asset they're supposed to override
  • Are in the correct, locale-specific archive (Base.SC2Assets vs. koKR.SC2Assets)
  • Have the same path within that archive as the asset they're supposed to override (Base.SC2Assets\Assets\Textures\x.dds vs. koKR.SC2Assets\Assets\Textures\x.dds)

Note that assets in the Base archive will be used across all locales in the absence of an overriding asset in a per-locale archive. So if you had one asset that you wanted to use in most locales, that should just be in the Base archive and you would only need to import other assets for the specific locales you're interested in overriding.

The other valid, overriding locales are:

  • deDE = German
  • enGB = English (used in the UK)
  • enSG = English (used in Singapore)
  • enUS = English
  • esES = Castilian Spanish
  • esMX = Latin American Spanish
  • frFR = French
  • itIT = Italian
  • koKR = Korean
  • plPL = Polish
  • ruRU = Russian
  • zhCN = Simplified Chinese
  • zhTW = Traditional Chinese

Please try that out and let me know if you have further questions about the process.

2) We currently don't support per-locale Arcade map info images, but I will bring that up for future consideration.

3) As for the missing minimap icons, I can't tell from your screenshots if these are our textures or yours...if they're ours, please provide me with the asset name(s) and I can see if something changed on our side that's impacting you. Otherwise, have you tried hooking up the same minimap image you see working on a doodad to a unit that's currently broken to confirm that this is not an asset issue? I'll need more specifics on this to help figure out what's up - if you have reproducible steps that clearly show a bug with minimap icons, please let me know.

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Thank you for the reply mate, sorry I didn't see it sooner I didn't see this post get replied to and it wasn't until I followed it up with Dele that he told me you had responded. :)

I will check the local override tomorrow.

Regarding the Icons, they are our own assets and we have indeed checked that they are all correct and it is not an asset issue.

I changed one of the doodads (one that worked) minimap images to the same one used for the units and they indeed worked (the unit's asset that is). So I have confirmed that it is not an asset issue.

So this draws my conclusion to that it must be a problem with the units vs the doodads actors.

Deletarius has a copy of the map and asset files if you want to grab it off him.

If you look in the terrain editor the Arena you see in game is the bottom right one, so you will be able to click a unit and see it's name to load it up in the data editor.

If you launch the game you will see that the placed doodads (that are shrubs) are actually tiny little green dots on the minimap corresponding the way the portals go. But the portals themselves do not have any minimap icons even though they do in the data editor.

The copy that Dele has is an old copy in regards to the game, but is suitable to take a look at regarding this subject because these units and doodads in particular have not been touched for well over a year.

If you can find a solution to this Xuzaca I would be greatly indebted :)

Thank you in advanced for taking the time to look into this subject. Come play a game :P
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Hey Dogmai I am having a problem with my icons as well, I have isolated the problem to unit structures spawned from triggers.

If I use the makeunit command on the unit thats not working with its icons it comes up fine.

I told dryeyece to tell you, but Ill tell you too, if you wanna take a look at my map so you can compare then just give me a heads up and ill give you a dropbox link.
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Whilst the Heroes are spawned from triggers and have custom UI on the minimap - the biggest problem is with the portals and powerups which are preplaced and are not spawned.

Whilst we are here it would be nice to be able to include extra things:

A) Be able to TINT a Minimap Icon based on Player Colour

a2) Be able to change that TINT to Team based when a player changes their minimap preferences

B) Be able to rotate a minimap icon based on the direction a unit is facing.

C) Be able to set an Icon through Triggers (rather than using catalog) on a per unit basis

Thats all, but none of these are really needed compared to the problem in the first post. :)
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Our Icons are way different i think dogmai haha

Here this is what my icons look like (picture from someone elses map :P)

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@ Xuzaca,

In regards to the Locale stuff - I got it working mate, Thanks :) My editor (project) is enUS but my game is enGB so I am the perfect test subject.

I never realised that you could actually make a folder in relation to the locale used for assets within a map/mod and have it override. Although it is obvious in hindsight - in relation to the way that locales in general are used elsewhere, it is just one of those things I wish I knew from the beginning as I would have done quite a few things differently.

But, at least we havn't done the majority of localization yet so only a few things will need to be changed. I will have to write up a little notice to everyone regarding this to pass on the knowledge - especially with global play coming and quite a few people will be interested in publishing across regions.

And yes, in regards to your assumption, that is correct. We are wanting to publish to EU, NA, SEA, KR/TW and possibly even CN servers on the same date in English, Traditional/Simple Chinese and Korean - and have translators working with us to achieve this. To achieve this we need a helping hand from you guys (Blizz Devs) as there are a few things that need to be done before we can do this. :)
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Dogmai, it turns out your minimap icon issues are being caused by a fringe-case bug in our engine relating to your mod containing an asset with the same name as an existing SC2 asset that was already loaded. That bug was actually previously identified and fixed for HotS and is currently fixed in the Beta, but we will also merge that fix into WoL in a future patch.

As for your Minimap Icon requests, you'd currently need to use a Ping model instead of a Minimap Icon texture to do most of the things you've asked about, but here's some info:

A) Be able to TINT a Minimap Icon based on Player Colour
We already have this support in Actor Data: “Minimap Icon” and “Minimap Icon Is Team Colored.”

a2) Be able to change that TINT to Team based when a player changes their minimap preferences
I've added this to our request backlog for future consideration, though no guarantees on if or when that support can be added.

B) Be able to rotate a minimap icon based on the direction a unit is facing
To be able to rotate it currently you'd need to use a Ping model attached to the unit instead of using a Minimap Icon.

C) Be able to set an Icon through Triggers (rather than using catalog) on a per unit basis
Again, you'd currently need to use a Ping model instead of a Minimap Icon texture so that it can be set through triggers.

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Thanks for the clarification (and especially for the time spent investigating this problem), it is good to know for sure what causes it.

You should come play a game mate :)
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