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Dark Ages of Warcraft/Azeroth Wars style map

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So, in my days of playing WC3, I was addicted to DAOW and AW (Playing up into hundreds of hours of put in play time) and decided to map a similar map, but I've run into several issues that I'd love to sort out....

Before we get into the problems, I want to explain the map a bit for those who are fuzzy on what those two maps were like.

In WC3, the two maps were essentially just playing through the story of WoW, but controlling entire races. At the start, The Night Elves would be alone in Kalimdor at the start, had to kill Azgalor in order to reach the world tree, get Staghelm, etc. And the Orcs would be fighting to get out of Durnhold before sailing over to kali. Essentially having a MASSIVE map with dozens of textures. Get the idea?

So, I adapted it to a more Starcraft-esque (I say Esque because it follows no cannon besides a very small amount) style. Making up my own story for it, essentially there will be the max cap of players (Full house needed to play sadly.) The idea I have for it, is to include several warring Zerg factions (Something along the line of Queens trying to take control of the Zerg, maybe Kerrigan thrown in there) Several human factions including Mengsk and Raynor, (I'd just like to note here, the thing that makes these maps so fun is the amount of choices you can make, as an example, Mengsk could pursue Hybrids, lose his human units upon completion and play as the hybrids from then on, Raynor could pursue kerrigan, and gain Zerg units by getting her to join his side by defeating th eplayer playing as her, etc.)

Now that you get the idea of the map, here are the issues I've encountered (list is fluid, will probably add more as time goes by):

  • This style of map requires a MASSIVE map, the creators of AW and DAOW somehow expanded the map past its natural boundaries, but I haven't found a way of doing that in SC2
  • The map is either going to have to be confined to one texture pack, which is going to be hella aggravating in terms of making the map look as if it's played upon multiple planets, once again in DAOW and AW, the creators somehow found a way to include multiple textures that weren't in the same starting selection.
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    I also enjoyed the !@#$ out of those maps, but i have limited map creating XP, but im pretty sure they just shrunk the units in the data menu... then carefully detailed it to look the way it did.

    What i mean is they took the maximum size and then basically shrunk everything(unit wise) and then did the landscape to fit the look, which made it appear as if the map was colossus size.

    I could be wrong but that's how i would do it :)

    EDIT: Thought about it a bit more they might have did something with the zoom and speed of your mouse movements or cursor rather as well... im sure a few other things but that should give you a good idea of how to do it :)
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    I miss DAOW, and all of its cousins!

    It would be great to see this game again!
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    Yah... good luck with this.

    Little detail: This cannot be done without the art tools. The 3rd party tools do not currently support the "selection geometry" and does not seem to do well with raw geometry on some models either. So I cannot use WC3 models, which are best due to low poly count.

    I have already solved (besides the whole art tools BS) all of the issues which you speak of. In fact such a map was already started. However it will not be going anywhere, if I even feel like working on it which is very unlikely, until after March (when HotS is released).

    Actually that isn't really true. Since the art tools will be HotS only (an indication of how stupid the people running Blizzard are... how many copies of HotS do they honestly think they will sell because of a set of 3d max plugins? This is the dumbest move I have seen to date - next to waiting 2 years to do anything about the popularity system) I am going to have to hope that somebody will donate me a copy because I am not ever buying a Blizzard product again.

    So ya you get to wait 4 months before jack squat can be done about it. That is a full year lost since I started asking for the tools. Also a full year of development time down the drain.

    So best bet is to go back to Warcraft 3 for the next 4+ months and hope to god somebody donates me a copy of HotS because there isn't anybody else in the community who either knows how to do it or actually gives a damned about wargame maps.
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    This is a bit peripheral to your main point, but I thought since you seem to be a fan I'd mention it. I am currently shoutcasting Azeroth Wars on my youtube channel. Trying to put a spark back into the community. These maps were the best fun I've ever had in gaming and I'd love to see you successfully get a SC2 version of it out.

    If you have any interest in my casts, you can find them at TheAzothan on youtube. Or check out my latest one.
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